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God The Trinity Reaffirms The Covenant

God is Faithful (Genesis 25-28)”

Theological Theme: God promises the blessing of His presence to His people, even when they show themselves to be unworthy of His love.

Christ Connection: God’s promise to be with His people is most clearly fulfilled in Jesus Christ, “God with us.”

Missional Application: We can boldly share and show the love of Christ, not because we are perfect but because we know that God uses unusual and unworthy people to accomplish His purposes.

In The Beginning God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit!

In the Beginning God”

So, why do we need to know that God, Father, Son and Spirit created EVERYTHING? Listen in and understand why humanity exists, what humanity’s purpose is, and why you really can live with less worry, better relationships, and a clearer sense of your life’s meaning!

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Bring Me a Coin

Since the dawn of time there have been those who have wanted to assert their authority and power over others and if they had no authority or power to assert many have worked diligently to acquire some.

One of the fasted ways to get on the bad side of the powerful is to threaten their authority or legitimacy. This is why some presidents, prime ministers, dictators, and religious leaders hide what they are doing from public scrutiny, lock out the press, and make their deals and bargains in secret. It is often a hallmark of wrong-doing. Power structures do not like to be challenged.Perichoresis Coin

The Pharisees and religious leaders of the early first century were no different and they resented Jesus for many reasons. For one… he did not announce himself to them first when he became a human being and for another he persistently worked to rip down the hierarchical power structures they had created for their own benefit.

Well as you might know, the Pharisees often attempted to trip Jesus up with questions and scenarios that seemed to have no safe way of answering. One of those occasions is found in Matthew 22, Mark 12, and Luke 20. The scene sets up like this… a tax was owed for going to the Temple and Jesus was asked by the Pharisees whether it should be paid. They knew the tax was unpopular with the Jews so he could not come out in favor of the tax without enlisting the ire of the people and on the other hand he could not oppose the tax publically without being in jeopardy from the Roman rulers. They had him… or so they thought.

When asked about the tax Jesus asked them to bring him the coin used for the tax and inquired, “Whose image is this on the coin?” Their answer was, “Cesar’s.” Jesus replied, “Then give to Cesar that which is his and give to God what is God’s.” WOW… do you see it? How amazing is Jesus’ answer?!? Can you say, “Checkmate?”

I do not believe that Jesus was, in this encounter, validating the system of Roman taxes where money was extracted under the threat of violence or imprisonment. I do not believe Jesus would ever endorse a system where the powerful confiscate wealth by the sword.

Nope, what Jesus was doing here was speaking to the logic of these people’s being. Those listening were Hebrews and would have been very familiar with the creation narrative in which Triune God proclaims, “Let us make mankind in our image… so male and female he made them.”

When Jesus implies that the way we know who the coin belongs to is to look at whose image is on the coin he is deflecting the intent of their question and using it as an opportunity to let them know that, because they each bear the image of God as human beings, they belong to God and should give themselves wholly to him.

Do you see that? You are created in the image of the Triune God… you bear the image of the Father, Son, and Spirit… Jesus wants you to know that no matter what… you belong to him!

You belong to the Father, Son, and Spirit. You always have. You always will. The Father loves you and likes you. You are his beloved child. Amen!

~Bill Winn

Ascending To Glory With Jesus



In this Good News Message entitled “ Ascending To Glory With Jesus,” Pastor Tony Marra of  New Life Fellowship of Baltimore, Maryland, affirms that Jesus came to bring all of humanity to Glory. All of creation is United through Jesus Christ. There is nothing you can do to stop God’s plan and purpose for you. You are HIS WORKMANSHIP! Nothing can separate you from him and nothing you can do to earn his love. It is all freely given by his Grace.

God is unifying all things in Christ, so even when we get frustrated and angry because we may not see his plan, because of his gift of faith he has given us as his children, we know that it will all get worked out according to his plan and will.

*Photo by Calvary Pentecostal church.

Being Jesus’ Body (A Church For Others!), Part 5

Loving God Loving Others

 In this 5th message of the Good News series entitled: “Being Jesus’ Body (A Church For Others!), Pastor Tim of New Life Fellowship of Baltimore, Maryland, Proclaims the Good News of the Other-centered God Revealed in Jesus, WHO IS YOUR FRIEND!!!

In this message, hear how God is a RELATIONSHIP of Friends, and a FRIENDSHIP in Relations. YOU are a FRIEND of GOD, and men and women have equal status, dignity and worth in him as His friends. Hear how Discipleship is really all about Friendship and how we are not only called to be Friends of Jesus, but Friends to one another, and to BEFriend and Be Friendly with the world!
You’ll also learn:
  • How you can BE a better friend
  • How You can find more friends
  • How to answer a couple of objections to this Good News

*Picture by Ridgedale Baptist Church (Chattanooga, TN.)

How Grace Transforms Our Behavior



In this message at New Life Fellowship of Baltimore, Maryland  Grace Communion International Mission Developer of The UK, James Henderson, shared how Grace transforms our behavior. By exploring 2 Tim 1:9 NIV, he explains that the concept of Grace has to do with the Purpose and Favor of God and not anything you have done. YOU ARE GOD’S FAVORITE!!

Easter 2014: Who Jesus Is, and Who You Are, In His Resurrection!

Resurrection with Jesus

In this Easter Message, Pastor Tim, of New Life Fellowship Baltimore, Maryland, proclaims not only the Good News of the God Revealed in Jesus, but what it MEANS RIGHT NOW AND FOREVER  FOR YOU in your Co-resurrection with Jesus! You are sure to be met and challenged by the Spirit of God in and through this adventure of hearing His Good News!

God Loves Us More Than He Loves Himself?!?!

Jesus in Tomb

Yes, I believe (along with many others!) that God the Father, Son and Spirit does love us more than He loves Himself! I am asked this question with shock and doubt a bit,  and probably because I try to end each Gospel Message proclamation with the words “I offer up to you this Good News in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit Who not only Loves you more than He loves Himself as the One true God, but Who also likes you, and I really do mean you [insert any name], very, very much!”

Surprise, shock and doubt are understandable in trying to receive such a Truth because, ultimately God the Trinity IS Love Himself, and cannot be completely understood or grasped! That is one of the first things to know as we “grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ, and to know this love that surpasses knowledge that we may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of Christ” – Ephesians 3:18b-19 (NIV).

I believe that God the Father, Son and Spirit loves us more than He loves Himself because Jesus Reveals (through the Holy  Spirit and the Holy scriptures in His Church) , that God is a relational being of Father, Son and Spirit – One God in Three Persons – and that this God is completely and supremely joyful and at peace in His Being-In-Relationship. Indeed, He has need of nothing and cannot be added to or subtracted from in His Love and Life as the Relational God! This means that if nothing in creation, including humanity, existed, God the Father, Son and Spirit would be as happy and complete as they have always been!



“HE LIVED”: God, as Love in the Person of Jesus Christ, has done something NEW, and added REAL human FLESH to Himself, limiting Himself to an incredible degree! He has creatively added creatureliness and our humanity to Himself forever! Check out this link to the word “flesh” about Jesus, and take it seriously. He became dependent upon sinful people to feed, clothe and bathe Him as a baby! God labored and sweated out smells in his work clothing in hot Jerusalem for years. Did they have toothbrushes and deodorant back then?? HaHaHa Come on, you can crack a smile for the potentially  musty, yellow-toothed human Jesus! 🙂

“HE SUFFERED”: God, in the Person of Jesus Christ, purposefully sweated drops of blood out of his human body in anxiety over undeserved punishment. He suffered human vulnerability by openly exposing himself to hard-headed people, who hated him, in his wish to still embrace them as a hen embraces her chicks! He was misunderstood and forsaken by his family, friends and disciples – everyone! Instead of  talking back and defending himself he kept quiet!

“HE DIED”: God,  in the Person of Jesus Christ, purposefully subjected Himself to our broken religious and political systems and let us plot his torture and death and kill him by hanging him on a tree with large nails, all while being mocked. Killing God is the worst thing created beings can attempt and as far in the dark as we can go. At this great cost to Himself in flesh Jesus subjected Himself to it!

“HE RESURRECTED”: God,  in the Person of Jesus Christ, purposefully raised flesh back up in a more powerful and glorified forever way shortly after having it buried in a tomb! Flesh that could still eat and enjoy human food! Yummy! This is also the Best Most Loving Human Being in the world giving Himself to everyone, being rejected by everyone, and then saying “WALLA! Here I am…still intent to be the Best Most Loving Human Being in the world to you, and you can’t stop me from being that for you and with you, as one of you! You  creatures ARE going to share in my life and love despite and in spite of yourselves! Na-NaNa-BooBoo!” HaHaHa….shewowsa!

“HE ASCENDED”: God,  in the Person of Jesus Christ, purposefully took glorified human flesh to a hidden place at God’s “right hand”, where He is  STILL SO HUMAN in His human nature that He does not know when His Father is going to send Him back AND from where He yet prays for us as one of us!

“HE IS COMING AGAIN”: God,  in the Person of Jesus Christ, will return in glorified human flesh, where He will live with us operating out of a human/godly headquarters in the New Jerusalem coming down here out of the heavens! The Truly and Fully Human leader we are all looking for (and voting for even when we don’t vote!) IS coming!

Finally, as you read the above, did you remember that God the Father, Son and Spirit did and is doing  all of this ON PURPOSE AND FOR OUR SAKE ALONE, and that Who Jesus is  as the God/Man adds nothing to, nor subtracts from, His complete Being of Happiness  in Love as God?

If you did then I would think that you would be compelled to think of God more as One Who Loves us More than He Loves Himself! The Incarnation was/is the complete God in REAL LOVE and REAL RISK in our humanity in the Son, trusting and obeying His Father! In Jesus God resisted the full depth of evil from within our fallen human nature and the opposition of His entire creation, submitting to horrifying, torturous death! In Jesus God was/is fully responsive to the Holy Spirit  that we might share, however unparticipative, in His Love, Life and Relationship, even if we self-condemn ourselves from it in unbelief forever! He did not love Himself too much, but LOVED US SO MUCH MORE THAN HIMSELF that at great cost to Himself He took on this limitation and self-denial in Other-centered, Self-giving, Trinitarian Love, FOREVER, SOLELY FOR OUR SAKE!

P.S. Because of who God is and who you are in Him, you might be compelled to worship Him RIGHT NOW in some demonstrative way, but be careful if you are driving or at work cuz you’re only human and you don’t want to hurt yourself and others in His shared self-giving! Heehee…

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Being Jesus’ Body (A Church For Others!), Part 4

Loving God Loving Others


In this 4th message of the Good News series entitled: “Being Jesus’ Body (A Church For Others!), Pastor Tim of New Life Fellowship of Baltimore, Maryland, Proclaims the Good News of the Other-centered God Revealed in Jesus.

In this message hear about how your life is so hidden and revealed in Christ with God that you are liberated to participate obediently in His commands to go and make disciples, even in your brokenness, without the burden of legalism or religiosity! All of grace means Jesus sharing Himself with all of you, in every part of your humanity, in a concrete, flesh and blood way that becomes  your REAL participation in what He is doing presently on earth, even though your part may be partial, provisional or temporary! Be encouraged as you trust and obey God as best you can in His Grace!

*Picture by Ridgedale Baptist Church (Chattanooga, TN.)

Being Jesus’ Body (A Church For Others!), Part 3

Loving God Loving Others

 In this 3rd message of the Good News series entitled: “Being Jesus’ Body (A Church For Others!), Pastor Tim of New Life Fellowship of Baltimore, Maryland, Proclaims the Good News of the Other-centered God Revealed in Jesus.

In this message hear about the Relational God – Father, Son and Spirit – who loves you so utterly and completely that He sent His Son Jesus to stand in your place and make all of your decisions for you in astounding Grace! He is also a God Who has pledged His very own life as God for your salvation and Who loves you more than He loves Himself! This means that every act of God on your behalf in Jesus has meaning for you and your complete humanity right now, so that you don’t have to be caught between “making something God happen” or “doing nothing” but can find yourself as a believing participant in the partial, provisional and temporary signs of the Kingdom which is breaking in on everything!

*Picture by Ridgedale Baptist Church (Chattanooga, TN.)

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