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Theology In The Everyday!

Eat. Sleep. Work. Play.

Theology In The Everyday (Cathy Deddo) – TAH

In our congregation at New Life Fellowship of Baltimore, Maryland, we are focused on conversing about and praying three prayers to God the Father, Son and Spirit together: “Help Us See Who Jesus Is and Who Each of Us Are in Him More Clearly and Personally?”, “Help Us See Who Jesus is and Who We Are in Him More Clearly and Corporately?”, “Help Us to Be and Do Who We Are Together in Him More Clearly and in Our Present Time and Place?”

God the Trinity is hearing and answering our prayers for vision very quickly and Cathy Deddo’s message above is a great start to the “greater clarity” we are looking for from Him! We are sure you will find it helpful too, which is why we are making it available as an audio here. You can also find it as a video here! Grace Communion International is a great group of people to be with, in many of our locations, as we seek to embrace The God Revealed in Jesus Christ! You might want to check one out near you 🙂  If you are ever in Baltimore COME VISIT OUR MULTICULTURAL CONGREGATION! You are Included in the Love and Life of the Father, Son and Spirit, and we won’t let you get in or out of our services without proclaiming it to you! We’re STUCK on The Good News! HaHa! 🙂




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