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“Fresh Hot Soup”

fresh hot soup


In this Gospel Message entitled ” Fresh Hot Soup,” visiting Pastor  to  New Life Fellowship of Baltimore,  Pastor Joe Heilman, introduces us to his book “FRIAR TUCK’S TALES For The Common Outlaw,” a collection of stories meant to help people understand the Gospel better as they transition from one part of life to another.

By reading one of his stories, “Fresh Hot Soup” Pastor Heilman shows:

1) That people think the gospel is a spiritual equation where God will LOVE ME, FORGIVE ME, CLEANSE ME, HEAL ME…ETC…..IF I HAVE ENOUGH…….FAITH, REPENTANCE, BAPTISM,…ETC.

2) That the Gospel is NOT a Self Maledictory Oath signed sealed and delivered (Genesis 15:18).

3) By exploring Romans 5-8 he shows that God’s covenant is not a transaction between us and God but rather a RELATIONSHIP we are INCLUDED in with FATHER, SON and SPIRIT.

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