Tim Brassell, Jeannine Buntrock, Craig Kuhlman, Nan Kuhlman, Jonathan Stepp, John Stonecypher and Bill Winn are the contributors to Trinity and Humanity. (See the Bio page to learn a little more about them.)

When we talk about Trinity and Humanity we are talking about the good news that the Son of God lives in humanity and shares with us the relationship he has with God the Father and the Holy Spirit. It is the good news that the Father sent his Son into our human nature in order to lift us up into the life he shares with the Son and the Spirit. In doing so he has accomplished his eternal plan to adopt humanity as his children.

We are all about growing in the knowledge of the truth of this life that we have as children of the Father. It is the life in which we are all participants now that the Trinity and Humanity are together in Jesus.

This blog is a personal ministry of its contributors. Though not an official GCI publication, Trinity and Humanity is an extension of the GCI ministries of the contributors who are a part of GCI (Tim, Craig, Nan, and Bill) and is produced in on-going dialogue and community with GCI theologians to be expressive of official GCI doctrine and theology.

Reprinting: You are free to quote from and reprint anything in Trinity and Humanity, please just identify us as the source and reference the date and post title of the material.

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