Trinity and Humanity is the work of six authors:

Timothy Brassell grew up in Lima and Bluffton, Ohio, attending the Grace Communion International (GCI) congregations in Findlay, Lima and Toledo, OH. He grew up wanting to be a Professional Drummer and Movie Trailer Announcer – instead he grew up in a trailer watching movies and banging his drum-set so loudly (in a trailer so small!) that people thought he ought to see a professional! These days he can be found in Owings Mills, MD, also known as “Charm City”, where he constantly bangs the Loud and Energetic Drum of the Good News of Jesus and the God Revealed in Jesus as a full-time Pastor (and really does get to do a few paid TV/Radio voiceovers part-time AND play on his electronic drum kit!) After so many years of being tolerated by his wife Donna and their two children, Jocelyn and Autumn, he has decided that if they ever try to leave him he is going with them! He now pastors New Life Fellowship, the GCI congregation in Baltimore, MD, and also oversees the GCI Intern/Ministry Training Center located there.

Born in America, Jeannine Buntrock spent her childhood in New Zealand until her family returned to America at age 16. She attended Ambassador University, completing her degree while spending a year teaching English in beautiful Sri Lanka. Like most Kiwis, travel was an inborn passion, and Jeannine believed it would be her life. No one was more surprised than she to find herself settling down to life stateside upon meeting handsome Midwesterner, Nate Buntrock. Two years after marrying, they welcomed the arrival of their first child, putting Jeannine’s travel plans on hold. It was then that Jeannine’s true reason-to-be was uncovered – the thrills and spills of parenting rapidly eclipsed the excitement of foreign adventures in the past. She has been a stay-at-home/home-educating mum since to Jack and, eventually, Alexa – and to the delight of the whole family, a new baby is well on the way. It wasn’t until her children started asking certain questions about God that Jeannine realised something enormous was missing in the theology she understood. About that time, her mother recommended that she tune into the Trinitarian theology being explored by Grace Communion International – she did, and is the first to say that her life will never be the same. In a very short period of time, she was able to release fears and worries and doubts she hadn’t even known were dragging her down – and for the first time, when she considered her children’s future, what had once appeared bleak was revealed to be bright and beautiful – and full of hope. It turned out not to be a fleeting experience: two years have passed and she says life in awareness of, and with, the Triune God keeps getting better and better.

Craig Kuhlman grew up as an only child in the small town of Findlay, Ohio.  Although formal education wasn’t a mild passion until later in life, he did enjoy reading during his formative years, albeit primarily comic books and The Hardy Boys mysteries. At age 14, he became part of Grace Community International with his parents.  His love for church life grew with the help of a dynamic young pastor, and he soon got involved with teen activities, serving as president of the youth group, coaching track activities, teaching, etc. He earned his first bachelor’s degree in economics and finance while working full-time as a bank loan collector.  It was during this time that he met the love of his life Nan, and knew his grades and passion for education had to step-up considerably for fear of looking ignorant around the HS valedictorian and soon-to-be magna cum laude graduate. After marriage they moved to Pasadena where he received his second BA (Theology) from Ambassador University, and was privileged to serve his senior year as president of Ambassador (public speaking) Club.  He later completed an MBA in organizational leadership, and is currently a candidate leading to a Master’s in Pastoral Studies at Grace Communion Seminary. Craig is employed as president and Chief Trust Officer for a local bank, serves on the adjunct faculty for a small university teaching investments and finance, and is involved in the civic community as past president of both Rotary and YMCA.   He resides in Defiance, Ohio, with his wife Nan, three children, and three housedogs.  He lives out his love and passion for Trinitarian Incarnational Theology by teaching and preaching as a pastoral intern for the Toledo GCI congregation.

Nan Kuhlman grew up in the rural area outside  Findlay, Ohio, attending a Methodist church until she was 21 when she met the love of her life (her husband Craig) and joined the local Grace Communion International congregation.   She earned her B.S. in Journalism from Bowling Green State University in 1984.  Shortly after that, she learned that being a commercial insurance underwriter paid the bills better than being a journalist.  When she retired from the insurance business after their first child was born, she continued to dabble in free-lance writing.  Homeschooling became a big part of her life once two more children were added to the family, and another love, the love of teaching, was born.  Today, she is privileged to continue her homeschooling adventures in addition to teaching developmental composition at a local community college and writing for two local magazines.

John Stonecypher grew up splitting his time between the family farm in central Iowa, and the urban spillways surrounding Chicago and New York, and is proud of being one of the few people in the world who can hail a cab AND castrate a pig. From the cradle, he was deeply involved in his local Grace Communion International congregations, where he annoyed youth group leaders with too many questions. He earned his B.A. in English at Ambassador University, despite being severely distracted by the girl who would soon become his beloved wife Karen. He later earned half an MDiv from Bethel Seminary, while pastoring 3 churches in central Iowa. John has now moved on from pastoring, but continues to preach the gospel as a freelance writer, public speaker, and blogger. Currently, he is working on The Shack Bible, where he paraphrases the New Testament through the language and theological lens of Paul Young’s novel, The Shack. John now works in the natural resources law industry in Denver, where he now enjoys his wife and their 3 sons, and regularly preaches and teaches at The Journey church.

Bill Winn grew up on the coast of N.C. on a small farm. His dad was a chemist and his mother, a former school teacher, was a stay-at-home mom. In 1997 he married the love of his life Davina Locke. Together they have two beautiful daughters. In 2003 Bill and Davina began a two year pastoral internship under Greg Williams while Bill also worked as Campus Life Coordinator at a local YFC chapter. Following the internship Bill and Davina were hired to pastor the G.C.I. congregation Richmond Grace Fellowship in Richmond, VA. Bill’s hobbies are blacksmithing and woodworking using primarily 18th and 19th century tools and methods. Bill had barely read a dozen books in his lifetime until he was introduced to Trinitarian thinking. Since then he has read nearly a hundred books by such authors as C. Baxter Kruger, the Torrances, McLeod Campbell, St. Athanasius, and C. S. Lewis to name a few. Bill is in the final stage of a Master’s Degree in Pastoral Studies. He feels privileged to be a part of the writing team at Trinity and Humanity.

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