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How Jesus Helps Us Fight Our Lions!


Part 1a: 29min


Part1b: 33min


Full Message:


“In Daniel 6, we encounter a real story about a real man who by supernatural protection escaped the claws and teeth of real lions so that the nations would know that the God of Daniel “is the living God, and He endures forever; His kingdom will never be destroyed, and His dominion has no end” (v. 26). As God’s people, we are to show courage as we trust in God and obey Him, no matter what. Our courageous witness of faith is a sign to the world that Jesus is the world’s true King.” The Gospel Project

Main Passages: Daniel 6, 1Peter 5: 8-12

Theological Theme: God – Father, Son and Spirit,  glorifies Himself through the rescue of those who trust Him.

Christ Connection: God showed His power to rescue Daniel from death. In the fullness of time, God showed His power to save His people from their sins and give them eternal life through the death and resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ.

Missional Application: God, through His Holy Spirit, sometimes calls us to civil disobedience when it is a matter of obeying Him.

“Our trust in God should fill us with the courage to live for Him.”  –Bryan Chapell

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NLF Baltimore 2018 Gospel Intensive with Dr. Gary Deddo

Dr Gary Deddo

Dr. Deddo is Special Assistant to GCI President Joseph Tkach. He is the president of Grace Communion Seminary and is the doctrinal advisor of GCI.

This year was the 5th Gospel Intensive event led by Dr. Deddo.

Dr. Deddo’s specific purpose for this Intensive:

 “Jesus Christ, Lord of all of Life”


“We will look into what it means to live as if Jesus Christ is Lord of all of life. It’s often said that we are to live in the world but not of the world. But what does that mean? How can we be the church in our secular world? How can we be witnesses to the Triune God and his coming Kingdom in “this present evil age,” as Paul calls it? Is the church really called and equipped to “turn the world upside down” or right side up? What kinds of difference can we individually and as a church make in our communities? Our schools? Our work? Our families? Is the church to be a social change organization? What does the Gospel have to say to our culture? We will especially focus on exploring what can we do with our education and vocations. We will not come up with all the answers but gain some very specific biblically based and theologically grounded direction.”


Jesus Christ, Lord of all of Life – Audio 1: 60min


Jesus Christ, Lord of all of Life – Audio 2: 58min


Jesus Christ, Lord of all of Life – Audio 3: 60min


Jesus Christ, Lord of all of Life – Audio 4 – Full Message: 1hr 40 min


Jesus Christ, Lord of all of Life – Audio 4 – Part1a: 50min


Jesus Christ, Lord of all of Life – Audio 4 – Part1b: 50min


God Brings His People Home!

Worship - Created to Worship 1

Part 1a: 24 min


Part 1b: 21 min


Full Message


Main Passages: Ezra 1:1-8 3:1-13


“God kept His promise to bring His people out of exile and back to the promised land. As God’s people gathered in Jerusalem, they made their worship of God their first priority and proclaimed God’s faithfulness through their actions. As Christians, we celebrate and give thanks to God for bringing us out of our exile to sin and death. In our worship, we proclaim the goodness of the Lord so that others might taste and see that He is good.” – The Gospel Project

Theological Theme:

Worshiping God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit should be the first priority of His people.

Christ Connection:

God kept His promise to bring His people out of exile in Babylon and restore their freedom to worship Him. Since Adam and Eve sinned, all humans have been in exile from the garden and are in need of deliverance. Jesus came to end this exile, bring His people home, and restore our freedom to worship.

“It is only when we grasp God’s unyielding desire to be with us that we begin to see the ultimate purpose of the cross. It is more than a vehicle to rescue us from death; it transports us into the arms of Life.” –Skye Jethani

Missional Application:

God The Holy Spirit calls us to make worship our first priority so others will see the goodness of the Lord.

“The primary reason the church gathers is to glorify God. We gather together for corporate worship to ascribe unto God the worship that is due Him.” –Matt Boswell


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The God Who Deserves Our Allegiance!

Daniel and Fiery Furnace

Part 1: 24 mins”

Part 2: 23 mins”

Full Message: 47 mins”

Main Passage: Daniel 3

Theological Theme: God – Father, Son and Spirit alone deserves our ultimate allegiance.

Christ Connection: The same God who was faithful and present with Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in the flames will also deliver us through His Son, Jesus the Christ, who is with us in the fiery trial and who saves us from sin and its consequences.

Missional Application: God the Holy Spirit calls us to embrace a countercultural lifestyle with full confidence in His power, regardless of what the immediate outcome may be.

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How To Stay Faithful In Exile!


Part 1: 27 mins”

Part 2: 28 mins”

Full Message:”

Main Passage: Daniel 1

Theological Theme: As Christians, we can trust in God – Father, Son and Spirit’s guidance even while we are in exile here on earth.

Christ Connection: Daniel stayed true to his identity, obeyed God, and was a testimony to God’s grace. He points forward to Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who willingly embraced a sinful world without ever defiling Himself and through His death and resurrection became the greatest picture of God’s grace the world has ever known.

Missional Application: God, through the Holy Spirit, calls us to be a shining testament to His grace by remaining true to our identity in Christ and living in holiness.

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The Great Fall Of Jerusalem!

mans repentance

Full Message: 31 min


Main Passages: 2 Chronicles 36:11-21 Jeremiah 38:14-1824-28 

“One of the most important events in the Old Testament era was the fall of Jerusalem and the capture of God’s people. Due to the hard-heartedness of the people and their leaders, including the despising of His Word, God displayed His justice and wrath through His punishment of His people. Yet even here, in this display of God’s justice, we see how God preserves a remnant of people who will carry the hope of His promise to make all things new through a Messiah.” – The Gospel Project

Theological Theme:

God [ Father, Son, and Holy Spirit] patiently pursues sinners, but His patience will one day come to an end.

Christ Connection:

God righteously punished His people for their sin, but He remained faithful to them and kept the promise He made to David to preserve a remnant and provide a king. Ultimately, God punished our sin through His Son, Jesus, and made Him our King forever.

Missional Application:

God, through His Holy Spirit, calls us to listen to His Word and proclaim His patience and righteousness to others while there is still time.

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God (And Jeremiah) Prophesies A New Covenant

holy spirit

Part1a:  30min


Part 1b: 34min


Full Message: 64min


Main Passages: Jeremiah 17:1-10 Jeremiah 31:31-34

The heart of humanity is desperately wicked and in need of replacement. Because no one is able to perfectly obey the law, God promised a new covenant, one not written on stone or parchment but written instead on the hearts of His people. This is a promise concerning the coming day of Jesus, fulfilled in the gospel. In the gospel, God not only writes His law on our hearts but also gives us the gift of the Holy Spirit, who indwells every believer. – The Gospel Project

Theological Theme:

In the new covenant, we are indwelled by the Holy Spirit, who enables us to obey God’s [Father, Son, and Holy Spirit] law.

Christ Connection:

The problem in Jeremiah’s day was the people had God’s law but were unable to obey Him due to the sinfulness of their hearts. Jeremiah prophesied about a coming day when God would forgive sin and write His law on the hearts of His people. This prophecy is fulfilled in the gospel. Through Jesus, God offers us forgiveness. Through the Holy Spirit, God enables us to obey His commands.

Missional Application:

God calls us to rely on the Holy Spirit as we obey God’s commands and live on mission for His kingdom.

“A new heart [is] compelled by the Spirit to obedience. It is a voluntary obedience springing from a heart that has been transformed and captivated by the Redeemer.”  –Timothy Lane and Paul David Tripp

God Calls Jeremiah!


Part 1a:  16min


Part 1b: 18 min


Full Message: 34min


Main Passage: Jeremiah 1:4-10 

“Jeremiah was called, even before he was born, to be God’s prophet. Because his prophetic message was contrary to what his people wanted to hear, Jeremiah faced opposition and persecution. Nevertheless, Jeremiah remained faithful to God’s call despite the obstacles. In Jeremiah’s grief, we see a picture of the tender heart of God, most fully expressed in Jesus’ weeping for the unrepentant people of Jerusalem. From Jeremiah, we also learn that the God who calls us to deliver His message is the God who will empower us for His mission.” – The Gospel Project

Theological Theme:

God  [ Father, Son, and Holy Spirit] equips those He has chosen to minister in His name.

Christ Connection:

Jeremiah’s love for his people was so great that he often delivered God’s message in tears, to the point that he is known as the “weeping prophet.” In Jeremiah’s grief, we see a picture of the tender heart of God, most fully expressed in Jesus’ weeping for the people of Jerusalem who would not repent.

Missional Application:

God, through  His Holy Spirit, calls us to trust Him to overcome the obstacles we may face in carrying out His mission in our lives.

“The Lord delivers…not so that the prophet will be free of persecutions and difficulties, for we read that Jeremiah was severely afflicted. Instead, the Lord liberates one who suffers everything to overcome these tribulations rather than yielding to them.”  –Jerome (circa 345-420)

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God Pursues Disobedient Prophets and People in Christ!


Part 1a:  24min


Part 1b: 23min


Full Message: 47min


Main Passage: Jonah 1-4

“God [Father, Son and Spirit] goes to great lengths to pursue people, even when they have no interest in being found. God pursues sinners of all kinds in order to bring them to Himself. Jonah was a prophet who rejected God’s call and ran away from his enemies. Unlike Jonah, Jesus heard God’s call and ran toward His enemies. While we were still sinners, He died for us, and now He commissions us as His people to pursue others with the good news of His love.” – The Gospel Project

Theological Theme:

Salvation belongs to God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

Christ Connection:

Jonah was a prophet who rejected God’s call and ran away from his enemies. Jesus heard God’s call and ran toward His enemies. While we were still sinners, He died for us.

Missional Application:

God through His Holy Spirit, calls us to put aside our tribal attitudes and break down walls as we share the news that forgiveness is possible through repentance and faith.

“God breaks down walls and leads His people out into the world with good news: forgiveness is possible through repentance and faith. Tribal attitudes melt away when constantly exposed to the warm embrace of our missionary God.” –Trevin Wax

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God Pursues Israel!

God pursues

Part 1a: 22min


Part 1b: 21min 


Full Message: 43min


“The life and, in particular, the marriage of God’s prophet Hosea shows us the great lengths that God goes to in order to pursue the people He loves. Despite our unfaithfulness, God loves us still and is willing to take on the personal cost and sacrifice of bringing us into and keeping us in right relationship with Him. Because of His love, God continually goes after unfaithful people like us, and in this pursuit, He provides a model for how we are to pursue others with the good news of His love.” – The Gospel Project

“The ultimate happiness in life is the conviction that one is loved; loved for oneself—better still loved in spite of oneself.” – Victor Hugo, Les Misérables

Main Passages: Hosea 1:2-9; 2:14-23; 3:1-5

Theological Theme

The initiative for our salvation is in the loving heart of God- Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

“He lifts us up out of ourselves to participate in the very life and communion of the Godhead, that life of communion for which we were created.” – J.B. Torrance, Worship Community and the Triune God of Grace. (Pg. 22)

Christ Connection:

Hosea’s relationship with Gomer reminds us of God’s relationship with the people of Israel, and with us. Even though God’s people are unfaithful and love other things more than God, God still loves us. It was because of His love that God sent Jesus to die on the cross for our sin and bring us back to Him.

“He [Jesus] does not appease an angry God to condition Him into being gracious, but in perfect acknowledgment of the holy love of the Father for a sinful world, seals God’s covenant purposes for all humanity by His blood.” – J.B. Torrance, Worship Community and the Triune God of Grace(Pg. 49)

Missional Application:

God through His Holy Spirit calls us to pursue others with the good news about the God who pursues us at great cost to Himself.


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