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JESUS: The Most Important PERSON and TASK For Everyone! Part 5 (Jesus’ Crucifixion / The Biblical Worldview)

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Bible Verses: Mark 15 Psalm 22 Isaiah 53


On this Transfiguration Sunday we are reminded that the Whole God Father Son and Holy Spirit loves you/us so much that he has suffered for you/us in the Life of the Son made flesh! The Father-Son-Holy-Spirit-God loves you so much that together, in Their utter Oneness, Each distinct Person somehow shares in the humanity of the Son of God in Jesus (only the Son became human!), having suffered for you and having resisted all evil and every temptation on your behalf and in your place! In Jesus, Who sustains you from within his own human nature, you have victory over all evil principalities and powers. Even your present sufferings cannot and will not prevent you from receiving your victory in Christ! Christ’s victory is so full of the glory and love of God that you will consider your present sufferings to be light in comparison to the glory you will receive! Whereas sin and evil have no future, you have an immortal and eternal life to look forward to with Jesus in His eternal relationship with the Father Son and Holy Spirit. Jesus Transfiguration is a picture of our transformation in Him!

Theological Theme:

On one hand is the non-relational, unfeeling god of our sinful imaginations; the God more interested in law and punishment and sin than he is interested in us. On the other hand is the One and only True God – Father-Son-Holy-Spirit – Merciful and compassionate! The Relational, loving God revealed in the Person of Jesus! The triune God WITH US & FOR US despite our sin! The God Who includes us all in His Life & Love, permanently, in Jesus – Who atoned for the sins of the world!

Christ Connection:

Do you have this great vision of the Gospel before you????? You are being made fit for eternal life, and by God-Father-Son-Holy-Spirit you WILL be fit with the spiritual muscle of Jesus Who has transformed our human nature in His own, turning it back fully to the Father. Our Father does nothing halfway! In Christ and by the Spirit you are becoming who and what you really are and you will be that (or you won’t be at all!) The death of Jesus means the death of death, and a nature turned from God and corrupted now turned back to God in a glorified and permanent way.

Missional Application:

As believers in union with Jesus Christ, and in the light of Who He is and what He has done, we proclaim and witness to others not yet in spiritual union with Jesus that, as George Hunsinger has well-stated “There’s always more grace in God, than there is sin in us!”, therefore, repent and believe, receive the Good News and enter a trust relationship with the Father, through the Son and in the Holy Spirit!

Toward Love In Action!

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Main Bible Verse: 1 John3: 10-18


We cannot evade the God-Father-Son-Holy-Spirit’s command through the Bible to love. It comes through loud and clear, running throughout the pages of Scripture, in both the Old and New Testaments. As those who have been rescued from our sin, we now have been given a new identity and the fruit of love will be evident in our lives. This love is not something kept within us; it will naturally be shown through our actions.

Theological Theme:

Love for the Father-Son-Holy-Spirit-God and love for others is the fruit of true Christianity.

Christ Connection:

In teaching the church about the nature of true love, the apostle John reminded Christians that love is
not merely a matter of feelings or words but of action. Love was demonstrated and defined most clearly
by God the Son’s action of clothing Himself with human flesh as the Lord Jesus and laying down His life for His people.

Missional Application:

God-Father-Son-Holy-Spirit calls us to participate with Jesus in the opening of our eyes to see who is in need and what we can give as a demonstration of His love in the power of the Holy Spirit.

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Jesus Is Our Wonder-Full World Tomorrow – TODAY!

Wonderful 2

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Audio – Full Message:”

Bible Verses: Matthew 28

This message proclaims Jesus Christ, the Father’s Son! It proclaims how he is The Life of New Creation breaking into the present right now, by the Spirit! He has come and appeared, and is still here by the Spirit, saying he would never leave or forsake us! At one and the same time, He is also yet coming in his second appearance! Although we don’t get to experience the fullness of his life here and now, even with the Spirit (you don’t get “your best life now”), you can indeed get “your best taste now” as we await the fullness experienced in glorified human bodies! A taste may only be a taste but it’s not meaningless, rather a taste is meaningful and provides hope! We only get a taste right now or else we might think the corruption still in the world represents part of the whole thing that’s coming, and it doesn’t! We don’t want to get totally locked into the here and now and “trade our inheritance for a bowl of soup”. On the other side we don’t want to be so future-oriented only that we are of no earthly good as the Spirit lives in us to lay out the red carpet for Jesus’ soon coming return! From the Father, through Jesus and in the Spirit we can live in the tension of the “Already-but-not-yet!”

Missional Application:

We’re not just called to raise children, maintain households, make widgets and spreadsheets, and create music, do homework assignments, or oversee projects, deadlines and inventory! We’re also called to make disciples who can make disciples that the world may know Jesus starting now – as many people as possible! Others who can also begin receiving and helping to share in God’s Love and Life proclaiming the Good News of the “Wonder-full World Tomorrow – Today!” There is no discrimination or respecter of persons but to all who believe and receive in him, he gives the right to become the children of God!

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The Godly Meaning Of The Bronze Serpent

Numbers 21 Serpent - Jesus

Part 1, 25 mins :”

Part 2, 25 mins :”

Full Message:”

Theological Theme: God our Father sent His Son Jesus to become sin in order to conquer sin.

Christ Connection: Just as the Israelites looked upon the bronze serpent lifted high on the pole and were healed, so also we look with faith upon Jesus Christ, who was lifted high on the cross, and experience Salvation from our sin.

Missional Application: Because Christ has become sin for us, getting rid of it, God the Holy Spirit empowers us to share with others that they, too, can and should look upon Jesus, receiving his love shown deepest on the cross, and receive spiritual healing.

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