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The Primary Point You Should Receive From All Christian Teaching! 

The Primary Point You Should Receive From All Christian Teaching, 1A
The Primary Point You Should Receive From All Christian Teaching, 1B

Bible Verse: 2 Peter 1


Because the primary goal of God-Father-Son-Holy-Spirit is that we share in the Divine nature, as it says in 2 Peter 1, we are properly pointed to the primary point of all Christian teaching!

Theological Theme:

What the triune God requires of us has to be something He first does for us in our place and on our behalf since he is the only one Who is divine, and able to give and receive divinity!

Christ Connection:

Jesus Christ is not only the Gift of Humanity that God gives to us by becoming Incarnate in our place and on our behalf in a substitutionary way, but Jesus is also the Giver of our Humanity to us, and sharing His Spirit with us that we might participate with Him in His Humanity!

Missional Application:

Psalm 24: says, “The earth and everything in it, the world and its inhabitants, belong to the Lord;” Because this is so, the new humanity God shares with us in Christ is not just for Christians but something God has done for and to all mankind in the person of Jesus. Therefore we joyfully proclaim this Good News about Who Jesus is, and Who we all are in him, to everyone, that all may accept, receive, and experience Jesus’ life in the Spirit, by grace, repenting of their unbelief in Him by believing in Him!

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Jesus Is Our Wonder-Full World Tomorrow – TODAY!

Wonderful 2

Audio – Part 1a: 25 min”

Audio – Part 1b: 26 min”

Audio – Full Message:”

Bible Verses: Matthew 28

This message proclaims Jesus Christ, the Father’s Son! It proclaims how he is The Life of New Creation breaking into the present right now, by the Spirit! He has come and appeared, and is still here by the Spirit, saying he would never leave or forsake us! At one and the same time, He is also yet coming in his second appearance! Although we don’t get to experience the fullness of his life here and now, even with the Spirit (you don’t get “your best life now”), you can indeed get “your best taste now” as we await the fullness experienced in glorified human bodies! A taste may only be a taste but it’s not meaningless, rather a taste is meaningful and provides hope! We only get a taste right now or else we might think the corruption still in the world represents part of the whole thing that’s coming, and it doesn’t! We don’t want to get totally locked into the here and now and “trade our inheritance for a bowl of soup”. On the other side we don’t want to be so future-oriented only that we are of no earthly good as the Spirit lives in us to lay out the red carpet for Jesus’ soon coming return! From the Father, through Jesus and in the Spirit we can live in the tension of the “Already-but-not-yet!”

Missional Application:

We’re not just called to raise children, maintain households, make widgets and spreadsheets, and create music, do homework assignments, or oversee projects, deadlines and inventory! We’re also called to make disciples who can make disciples that the world may know Jesus starting now – as many people as possible! Others who can also begin receiving and helping to share in God’s Love and Life proclaiming the Good News of the “Wonder-full World Tomorrow – Today!” There is no discrimination or respecter of persons but to all who believe and receive in him, he gives the right to become the children of God!

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