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God Will Provide


Scripture: Gen 22 , Heb 11

Summary and Goal:

The main message of the sermon is that we should have faith in God’s provision and trust in His plan for our lives. Pastor Andrews emphasizes the importance of recognizing that God is our ultimate Provider and that we should rely on Him for our needs even in difficult times. He cites examples from the Bible, such as the story of Elijah and the widow, to illustrate how God has provided for His people in the past. He encourages listeners to believe that God will continue to do so in the future. The sermon concludes with a call to action to trust in God’s provision and to seek His guidance in all aspects of our lives!

Only The Childlike Will Enter God’s Kingdom


George MacDonald wrote, Do you think you love your children better than He who made them? Is not your love what it is because He put it into your heart first? Have you not often been cross with them? Sometimes unjust to them? Whence came the returning love that rose from unknown depths in your being, and swept away the anger and the injustice? You did not create that love. Probably you were not good enough to send for it by prayer. But it came. God sent it. He makes you love your children.”

This message of God’s Good News proclaims how God – Father, Son and Spirit – puts his love into us, growing us up into being childlike, so that we may share in it with him, and with others, in his Kingdom!

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Sermon: Reality is Relational

It was science that first drew me in to the theology of T. F. Torrance.  I didn’t even believe in God at the time, but when I heard our new theology professor John McKenna had studied under Einstein, I had to give him a listen.  The rest is history.

But it’s the science side of Torrance that has been the hardest for me to articulate to others — how the theologians the world needs right now are theologians who are also scientists, and how post-Einsteinian science has a lot of help to offer theologians as we attempt to dig ourselves out of our Augustinian ditches.

Anyway, I tried to communicate that in a recent sermon, and I think it went well, so I wanted to share it with my Trinity and Humanity family.  My topic is what Torrance liked to call “onto-relations” — relations between things that make those things what they are.  I talk about how science impacts our ways of thinking about God, and how that affects our ability to love God and love our neighbors.

The sermon started with a video clip, so I thought I’d include that too:

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