Sermon: Reality is Relational

It was science that first drew me in to the theology of T. F. Torrance.  I didn’t even believe in God at the time, but when I heard our new theology professor John McKenna had studied under Einstein, I had to give him a listen.  The rest is history.

But it’s the science side of Torrance that has been the hardest for me to articulate to others — how the theologians the world needs right now are theologians who are also scientists, and how post-Einsteinian science has a lot of help to offer theologians as we attempt to dig ourselves out of our Augustinian ditches.

Anyway, I tried to communicate that in a recent sermon, and I think it went well, so I wanted to share it with my Trinity and Humanity family.  My topic is what Torrance liked to call “onto-relations” — relations between things that make those things what they are.  I talk about how science impacts our ways of thinking about God, and how that affects our ability to love God and love our neighbors.

The sermon started with a video clip, so I thought I’d include that too:

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  1. Pat on

    This is soo exciting and sounds so “Polkinghorn-ish” I love it,Thanks .

  2. Polkinghorne is great! I have also been learning a lot from Robert John Russell, who does some similar science-and-theology things. Nice to meet ya, Pat!

  3. Pat on

    John,Its Pat again and am not familiar w/Robert John Russell?? Can you lend some light to his work? I have read and am now reading Polkinghorne.
    I have to admit he makes me more EXCITED about the “after life” than anything I’ve read in a very long time.I am thrilled to see that someone in “the church” knows of and likes his work. I do not understand all but I do like it and it has given me a new reason to worship my creator and savior. Thanks again for the post.

    • I know Russell and Polkinghorne have worked together, and they seem pretty similar to me. It’s over my head sometimes too, but I love the stretching they make me do! Russell has done a lot to lay out rigorous ideas of how theology and science can appropriately interact and cross-pollenate ideas.

  4. Pat on

    Thanks I’ll have to look into his work. What are your thoughts of Francis s. Collins??

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