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50 Whats?

50 Whats?

Nope not light bulbs… Shades of Grey. So right now there is a pile of media attention being doled out over the recent book by E.L. James that is now on the big screen. So what’s the big deal? Why the outcry?  I don’t know and I don’t really care. I haven’t read the book and won’t see the movie. (my personal choice) So this blog will not be about whether or not the book or movie is appropriate or whether or not our readers should entertain their minds with 50 Shades of Grey. We at Trinity and Humanity blog do indeed trust that our readers are mature enough to make such decisions on their own. Still, E.L. James is the target of a good bit of criticism from both Christians and non-Christians alike.

As I stated earlier, I am not qualified to talk about the book so I won’t. What I can speak to is the conversation that has been pushed to the fore as a result of James’ literary work. The conversation is about sex… *gasp*! Yes, sex. Hmmm… makes us uncomfortable sometimes doesn’t it. Why? What is it about us, especially Christians, that gets a bit nervous inside when we hear the word sex?

Let’s start here… in John 1:3 we read that nothing was made that was made that was not made by Jesus. God created everything! Did God give us sex? Yep, and thank you Jesus! Sex is good. Sex is wonderful. Sex is intended by God to be enjoyed in the specific context of marriage and in that context it is awesome! Regular other-centered sex between a husband and wife is even thought to reduce the risk of heart disease and to produce all sorts of other health benefits.

Faith Winn: Future Rocker!

Faith Winn: Future Rocker!

So here is the question: Why doesn’t the Church talk about sex MORE? I once had a conversation with a group of buddies where we were discussing the merits (or lack thereof) of classic Rock-n-Roll music. You see, as a guitarist, I really appreciate the skill of people like Jimmy Page, David Gilmour, EVH, and other lead guitarists from the classic rock era. So I play a fair amount of Pink Floyd, Led Zep, and Van Halen, as best I can, on the guitar. As you may know many of those songs are about sex. So for me, a married man, I can appreciate those songs in the context of my marriage to the most amazing woman on the planet!

At last, here is the final question and point. If God created mountains, babies, blue skies, rain, and flowers… and the Church has no problem writing songs about those topics and if God also created sex, why does the Church ignore it in our music and entertainment? Also if the Church is going to ignore one of the most wonderful gifts we’ve been given by the blessed Trinity, why as Christians are we so shocked that people will go elsewhere to talk about it.

A final challenge to Christian musicians: If it’s not career suicide, do us a favor and write us a good Rock-n-Roll song about sex within the context of a mutually other-centered marriage. Until then watch your ears… Led Zeppelin is on loud at my house and I am not ashamed!

~Bill Winn

Love, Sex, and the Trinity

This sentence got my attention: “While the world worships sex through indulgence, Christians often worship sex through abstinence.” Whoa! Been there, done those!

You mean to tell me sex isn’t sinful? It most certainly is not! In the words of the Triune God who created us, and it, it is in fact VERY GOOD (Gen 1:27-28, 31, 2:24-25). Ha-Ha! Again I say sex isn’t sinful! Now, do we sinners handle and approach sex in sinful ways like we do everything else? Absolutely! But, as with all issues of sin (or missing the target), our wrong approach and mishandling of a subject usually begins with how we are thinking about it (Gen 3:1-7)!

Yes, in all of our repenting and thinking radically different about Who God is and who we are in Him in the Light of Jesus, we’re going to have to radically rethink everything we thought we knew about sex and making love, too! And because being Adopted into the life of the Trinity in Jesus includes every part of our humanity and not just exclusive parts of us, we’re going to have to discuss and rethink the subject of sex and making love right along with every other subject! If the Lord is with us in our mess, then that also includes the messiness of our sex!

By the tone of an article I read on the CNN website recently it looks like the radical rethinking of sex is happening in provocative, sizzling, earthy and Trinitarian ways!

And, don’t worry – when I say “provocative”, I mean statements in the article like “When it comes to sex, many Christians confuse the fences for the playground. We’ve created what I call the chastity cult. Married and single Christians alike put sex on a pedestal. We’re more serious and obsessed with the rules than we ought to be.” Wow!

By “sizzling” I mean sentences in the article such as, “Like the heretics of yore, we are so wary of sensual pleasure, we put up so many rules, rigmarole, and warning signs that we’ve made sex unrecognizable. We forget that sex is playful.”

By “earthy” I mean writing things like, “…the kind of sex life God intends for us. It’s earthy. It’s erotic and playful. It’s deeply intimate. It’s 100% orthodox.”

And by “Trinitarian”, I mean the author penning statements like, “Christian sexuality at its best is actually an expression of what churchgoers call the Trinitarian life – a holistic, all-encompassing, committed love, the kind of love we reach for in marriage.”

That’s what I’m talkin’ about! Tell me more! Now, before I send you to the full article for more Trinitarian sexual education (and revel in it again myself!) try to remember that when we Christians say “Learning/knowledge”, we always mean “IN RELATIONSHIP!”

Read the article by Tyler Blanski here (You know you want to!) Ha-Ha!

~ Timothy Brassell

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