Father’s Gracious New Covenant Warnings and Exhortations!, Part 1

Warnings because of God's Love

Audio – Part A: 18 min


Audio – Part B: 20 min


Full Message: 


Bible Verses: John 14 – 6   Hebrews 12  

Living Into This Challenging Christian Life With Jesus!


The Christian Life is living out and manifesting the reality of our union and communion with the Father, through Jesus (the Son), and in the Holy Spirit! Our purpose in life is to be one with God! Despite our sin and weaknesses, the Lord will strengthen us in our relationship with Him as we trust Him for it! When our Lord Jesus Christ reappears gloriously, we too will be glorified and fully blameless in Him! Until Jesus’ reappearing, the Christian life is a challenging life – lived out only in union and communion with the Father, through the Son and in the Holy Spirit!

“Christ came to deliver us not only from the guilt of sin but also from the power of sin! He was delivered from it and we will be too!” – pastor Timothy Brassell


Theological Theme:

We humans especially have God-Father-Son-and-Holy Spirit’s fingerprints upon us being made in the image of Jesus Christ, being conformed to him, and having a destiny far above all created things! Above all things in creation, when you look at Human Nature and Being in Jesus you see (as you can see in no other way) the greatest glory and reflection of the invisible God, Who, in grace, made all things, and made all things new in Christ by His Spirit! In those Who trust Him, you also see those made in the image of the Image being more and more conformed to Jesus.

Christ Connection:

Jesus is God’s purpose for all creation, therefore, what Jesus did, mankind can now do by His Grace in The Holy Spirit. Christ came to deliver us not only from the guilt of sin but also from the power of sin! He was delivered from it and we will be too, starting now!” If we say we have no sin we are liars” (but if we continue in sin without participating in Jesus’s struggle against it and in obedience to the Father we are also liars because we proclaim that we received a Spirit by which we now “reckon ourselves dead in trespasses and sins”)

All of grace means all of man, for the fullness of grace creatively includes the fullness and completeness of our human response in the equation.”  – T.F Torrance

Missional Application:

The Holy Spirit does proclaim to us personally and individually – “You’re included”, but that is not the only word of the gospel. “You’re Included” also includes participating with Jesus in reaching out to “Go and Make Disciples!” Salvation, forgiveness, redemption, etc. are not just words to proclaim or thoughts to think. They describe Jesus and our union with Him in relationship that is lived out and shared with this world that they too might believe, enjoy, and share in eternal life! In God’s love, and with Him, we warn those who don’t believe “You get all the time you need to respond to God, not all the time you want! So repent and believe the Good News! Trust and receive the Christ Who receives and loves you and is going to reappear soon!”

“God in grace gives us what he seeks from us” – James Torrance”


Photo Compliments: youtube.com (Joy Williams)


Father’s Discipline Is First Painful – Then Fruitful! Part 1

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