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God’s Goodness Despite The Spread Of Sin!

Genesis 4”

As the graciously adopted children of God, Father, Son and Spirit, He calls us to participate with him in slowing the spread of sin by being salt and light in our world and by proclaiming the peace and joy of His Kingdom (Jesus!)

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Christmas: God’s Plan and Response For Man!

God With Us”

In this Message on the 4th week of Advent, and heading toward Christmas, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is proclaimed to those gathered in worship at New Life Fellowship of Baltimore. The special emphasis of this message is that just as the Head, Jesus, was born into this world 2000 years ago as God’s Plan and Response for humanity, His Body, the Church, follows Him today, participating with Him in his ongoing work of redemption in this present world!

Check it out and be assured and unafraid as you GO with Jesus into our world, proclaiming Him in word and deed!


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Y(Our) Struggles Aren’t Against Flesh and Blood, Part 2 (Ephesians 6.10-20)

12.09.16 Y(Our) Struggles Aren’t Against Flesh And Blood (Eph 6.10-20) – TAH

What if Spiritual Warfare has more to do with Who God the Father, Son and Spirit is as Love and Reconciliation, than who and what evil is as hate and division? What if we looked at spiritual warfare through God’s “Love Glasses”?; might we not then see personal evil (and its accompanying sin and disease) more as a sickness to be healed and not as a”roach” to be exterminated? You are encouraged in this series to embrace the Relational God revealed in Jesus and let Him be not only Central but Sovereign as you consider every topic in the Light of Him, including who and what the Church is as it participates uniquely with Christ!

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