Being Jesus’ Body (A Church For Others!), Part 4

Loving God Loving Others


In this 4th message of the Good News series entitled: “Being Jesus’ Body (A Church For Others!), Pastor Tim of New Life Fellowship of Baltimore, Maryland, Proclaims the Good News of the Other-centered God Revealed in Jesus.

In this message hear about how your life is so hidden and revealed in Christ with God that you are liberated to participate obediently in His commands to go and make disciples, even in your brokenness, without the burden of legalism or religiosity! All of grace means Jesus sharing Himself with all of you, in every part of your humanity, in a concrete, flesh and blood way that becomes  your REAL participation in what He is doing presently on earth, even though your part may be partial, provisional or temporary! Be encouraged as you trust and obey God as best you can in His Grace!

*Picture by Ridgedale Baptist Church (Chattanooga, TN.)

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