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Father’s Discipline Is First Painful – Then Fruitful! Part 2

God's Discipline 2

Audio – Full Message: 38 min


Bible Verses: John 14: 6    Hebrews 12

Living Into This Challenging Christian Life With Jesus!


The Christian Life is living out and manifesting the reality of our union and communion with Jesus Christ. Our purpose in life is to be close to The Father! Even in our weakness, the Lord will strengthen us in this relationship as we trust Him! When our Lord Jesus Christ reappears gloriously, we too will be glorified and blameless in Him! Until Jesus’ reappearing, the Christian life is a challenging life – lived out only in union and communion with the Father, through the Son and in the Holy Spirit!

“Progress in Christ is possible, even major progress.” – Bishop Todd Hunter


Theological Theme:

At times God [Father, Son, and Holy Spirit] has to ask: “Have you forgotten who I am? Be encouraged! I AM Your Father, the God and Father of the Lord Jesus Christ!” You are my children! I sent my one and only Son to put my life in you! Your children may escape rebuke and correction but my children don’t! Who loves children more, the one who lets them walk right into harm’s way with no consequence, or the One who openly rebukes them, trains them, disciplines them, and makes them free in Christ? Open rebuke is better than secret love!”

Christ Connection:

Jesus is God’s purpose for all creation, therefore, what Jesus did, mankind can now do by His Grace in The Holy Spirit. Our worldview should be the Person of Jesus Christ as mediated to us by the Holy Spirit and met in Holy Scripture. The scripture proclaims that Jesus is the one man for all men and women. Jesus is the One Human Substituting for and Representing all humans. What Jesus did, mankind can do in the Spirit after Jesus! Jesus didn’t do what he did in response to the Father so that you wouldn’t have to do it – Jesus did what he did so you and I could do it too, in participation with Him. Jesus calls out to us:  “Fix your eyes on me and do what I did and still do in you!”

“All of grace means all of man, for the fullness of grace creatively includes the fullness and completeness of our human response in the equation.”  – T.F Torrance

Missional Application:

The Holy Spirit does proclaim to us personally and individually – “You’re included”, but that is not the only word of the gospel. The Holy Spirit also proclaims and moves in us to “Go and Make Disciples!” Salvation, forgiveness, redemption, etc. are not just words to proclaim or thoughts to think individually but actions in relationship to be lived out!

“We’re being discipled and bearing fruit, and therefore we’re being disciplined that we might bear more fruit!” – pastor Timothy Brassell


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Father’s Discipline Is First Painful – Then Fruitful! Part 1

God, In Jesus, Comes and Reigns In Judging Grace

Judges 2

Part 1, 26 mins:”

Part 2, 26 mins:”

Full Message:”

THEOLOGICAL THEME: God – Father, Son and Spirit cares for His people too much to let them languish in their sin and idolatry forever. He will judge and He will save.

CHRIST CONNECTION: The judges saved people from the consequences of their sin but could not change the cause of their sin. Jesus is the Savior and Judge of the world who takes upon Himself the consequences for our sin and then offers us new hearts that seek His righteousness.

MISSIONAL APPLICATION: God the Holy Spirit places us into union with Jesus, helping us identify and resist the prevailing idolatries in our society so that our distinctiveness will back up our proclamation of the gospel.

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