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What Are You Doing For Christ’s Sake? Part 1

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Bible Verses: Colossians 3: 17, 23 Colossians 1


God-Father-Son-Holy-Spirit does what He does for the sake of the other, He is other-centered. The Father does what he does for His Son. His Son, Jesus does what He does for His Father. The Spirit does what He does for the Father and Son. God in Christ gives Himself through His Son and the Spirit for humanity and creation.

Jesus is what it means for humans to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. To live as distinct persons with the character of Jesus Christ, in the communion of the Holy Spirit, is what it means to be a real human being! This is what we mean when we Christians say that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life! His claim to fame as a man is the claim of being free for obedience to His Father, Whom He loves with all of His heart, soul, mind and strength that he might love his neighbor more than he loves himself!

The question then comes to us, and instructs us: SO, WHO ARE YOU BEING, AND WHAT ARE YOU DOING, AND WHAT WILL YOU DO FOR CHRIST’S SAKE?!

Theological Theme:

The heart and foundation of the Gospel is to be response-able with Jesus, to the Father, in union and participation with him in the Holy Spirit This is what it means to Worship God. Worship is to share with Jesus in His worship of God by the Spirit!


Christ Connection:


IN THE MOST FUNDAMENTAL AND PERSONAL AND RELATIONAL SENSE, THEOLOGY AND CHRISTOLOGY are not your standard for life, DOCTRINE is not your standard for life, being full of good works IS not your standard for life, Good morals and ethics are not your standard for life! The Church is not your standard for life! And certainly, if those good thing aren’t your standard for life, then resisting God, sinning, self-centeredness, and the way of the world apart from Christ are most definitely not your standard for life either! JESUS (PLUS NOTHING) IS YOUR STANDARD FOR LIFE!

The Good News of The Gospel is that Jesus, as both God and Man in one person, is and always be, and should be at the center of your life. Jesus is your Lord and Savior who accepts you unconditionally where you are, no matter how foul, bad, rebellious you are or have been, but only to take you where he is going and to make a little Christ of you!

THE standard for your life is Jesus Christ alone and as such does warn us about rejecting him and his Father and the Holy Spirit. He does, in the Holy Spirit, teach us not to sin and he does help us become other centered rather than self-centered. As THE standard, Jesus Christ tells us that we do have victory over the spirit of the world and the world itself through our faith in him – Jesus Christ – THE standard, THE way, THE truth and THE life!

JESUS + NOTHING is YOUR standard for life so:

Q: What are you doing by the Spirit in the Father’s grace for Christ’s sake?

A: Your responses and participation with Jesus in his faith, hope and love by the Spirit is the Father’s gift to you that he might be glorified – reflected in your life to your ultimate joy! 1 Cor 13

Missional Application:

Jesus was sent to us by the Father to participate with him in his mission to draw everyone in the world to His Father and Himself. Jesus sends us the Holy Spirit that we may participate with him in going out beyond ourselves to others who do not know and receive him. WHAT WILL YOU DO FOR CHRIST’S SAKE?!

The ministry of the Holy Spirit is personal and personally transforming—it is dynamic and interactive, bringing about receptivity, responsiveness and participation. And the result is that we are on a journey towards spiritual maturity and full sanctification, being changed into the likeness of Christ. But this journey is not automatic, causal, or impersonal. It is not mechanically imposed on all believers, much less on all human persons (including non-believers). Since personal (subjective) receptivity and participation do make a difference, much of the New Testament indicates the differences it makes and encourages, exhorts and even commands us to be receptive to the Word of God and the ministry of the Spirit out of trust in God’s faithfulness through the Son and in the Spirit.” – Dr Gary Deddo


Our personal response (or lack thereof) to God cannot undo the fact that Jesus is and remains Lord and Savior of all. The character and purpose, mind and heart of God remain just as they have been revealed in Christ. The finished work of Christ is never undone—God remains, in Christ, reconciled to all people, no matter their response. He has and holds out forgiveness for them, is ready to receive them back into fellowship with him, and in that sense accepts them. However, while God accepts them, he does not accept their rejection, their sin, their rebellion, but accepts them in order to do away with what is against them and against their participation in the reconciliation accomplished for them in Christ. Nothing changes that reconciliation (with all it means), not even a person’s complete or partial rejection of God’s gift. However, our personal response (participation) does affect the quality of our lived relationship with God and thus our personal experiencing of the benefits of Christ.– Dr Gary Deddo

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How We Bring Real Glory to God

The glory of God is man fully alive ~ St. Irenaeus

                The 1981 movie Chariots of Fire tells the true story of two British track athletes, one Jewish and one Christian, competing in the 1924 Olympics.  One of my favorite lines from this movie comes from the Christian athlete, Eric Liddell, when he is trying to explain to his sister why he has to run:  “I believe that God made me for a purpose. But He also made me fast, and when I run, I feel His pleasure”  (

His sister was concerned that Eric was forsaking his true purpose, that of being a missionary, for running.  Her perception seemed to be that to please God, a person must be serving God as a pastor or as a missionary.  This limited view of what pleases God is more commonplace than we might think.  What if God was truly pleased just by you being you, and more importantly, by you enjoying what you love to do?

If the Father, Son, and Spirit created us for relationship, because they wanted to share their joys and their love with us, why would they restrict what pleases them to two occupations or to work done at a church?  That seems to leave a lot of us excluded.

Since Jesus Christ came to include us by taking on our humanity, it makes sense that the attributes and skills which make us happy also make the Triune God happy.  Someone might not consider running a spiritual calling, but Eric Liddell saw it as such.  Anything that you love to do, whatever you lose yourself in, that makes you happy, also brings glory to the Triune God who created you.  Whether it is music, art, farming, gardening, or cooking, whenever you feel intense joy during an activity, it is simply the pleasure of the Father, Son, and Spirit as they enjoy it with you.  As Eric Liddell said, “…when I run, I feel His pleasure.”

For me personally, I feel God’s pleasure when I teach.  The joy I feel when a student does well (whether it’s my own child or a college student) is the joy of the Father, Son, and Spirit as they take pleasure in me being the person they created me to be.  I recognize the Triune God’s presence with me as I am utilizing the skills and attributes that are a part of me.

As St. Irenaeus said, “The glory of God is man fully alive,” and it’s when we’re being our most authentic selves that we experience the fullness of living out our humanity as it was meant to be expressed.  We don’t have to be a pastor or do work at a church to bring glory to God.  Like Eric Liddell, whenever you are doing something where you feel His pleasure, you are living your humanity to its fullest and bringing glory to the Triune God.

           ~by Nan Kuhlman

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