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The Good News Of Restorative Justice!

restorative justice

 In this Gospel message entitled “THE GOOD NEWS OF RESTORATIVE JUSTICE!” guest speaker, Mako Nagasawa, Proclaims the GOOD NEWS of The God Revealed in Jesus Christ at New Life Fellowship of Baltimore! Mako proclaims God’s vision for GENEROUS giving and the importance of Jesus giving us A NEW HUMANITY, EMPOWERING US to bring more of His JUSTICE and LOVE into this world!

In this message we understand that:

  • God has a GREAT vision for EVERY kind of relationship including Economic and Political relationships, and involving Historic Injustice. He has been very specific with us, biblically, about what that should look like on the lending and borrowing of money by fostering good banking practices, and opposing bad banking practices!
  • Jesus took OUR HUMANITY to himself and, by His Spirit, shares with us a new humanity that filters out the toxins in us such as fear, jealousy,and grief, enabling us to reach out to the poor in mercy, forgiving others their debts even as we have been forgiven our debts from God our Father.
  • We are called to manifest the LOVE and RELATIONSHIP that exists within the TRIUNE GOD, and extend THAT kind of love to others; that love looks like the Father stirring up in us a deep concern and right way about how to care for each other in our communities and through the difficult times many people have fallen into!

Check out this practically challenging message!


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Why Jesus’ Church Fellowships More And More!, pt.4 (or WHO Baltimore Needs!)


In pt. 4 of this Gospel Series, Timothy Brassell of  New Life Fellowship of Baltimore, Proclaims the GOOD NEWS of The God Revealed in Jesus Christ with a new message entitled, “Why Jesus’ Church Fellowships MORE And MORE!” pt.4 (WHO Baltimore needs!).

As you grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ learn:

  • How much the current Baltimore troubles and the book of Hebrews in scripture have in common!
  • That the one way forward in the middle of the current passion and protest in Baltimore, MD. is for the body of Christ to BE the Body of Christ!
  • How to think out and share Christ-centered responses to current pressing questions such as: What does Baltimore need? and Who does Baltimore need? and Where is God in all of this?
  • the importance of remembering that behind every law and system is the person or persons who created or promotes those laws or systems!
  • What it means that we are made in the image of God and why this is important for addressing Baltimore’s current issues and the issues in your city, and even in all the world!

Also get Gospel insight and learn:

  •  More about the myths and idols concerning marriage, singleness, sex, celibacy and family life and be reminded that ANYTHING we idolize WILL kill us!
  • That in God’s Grace we have been given various forms of living in relationship but these are ONLY ways of living in Christ now in our present form but are NOT fully the end goal for our lives in relationship!
  • Why we all struggle so much and how WE CAN LIVE MORE IN THE RECONCILIATION worked out it in the entire human life of Jesus!
  • What process God uses to strengthen families in the world, bringing the future family of God into the present!

Hear in this message that ___________________ in Christ is the goal of Christ no matter your station in life or your current status as the Father’s Child. You CAN receive every day as a gift and receive it BEST by _______________ !  And that it isn’t ____________ that is wearing you out but ______________!

Tune in and participate by filling in all the blanks! 🙂

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Wake-up Call

I awoke this morning with a familiar ache. Not a physical pain, but an emotional one. Thirty-five years of living a lie; of believing a false reality — had etched in my heart a wound that can only be healed by repeated exposure to the truth. As I always do in the morning, I felt distant from God.

My conditioned response has been to tell myself to pursue him immediately. So my brain, in an attempt to create a plan of action, began making a spiritual to-do list. The familiar instructions came down through my mind like a sudden rainfall on an already-dreary day. I have to pray. I have to study. I have to meditate.

This time, though, the rain suddenly stopped. It was like sunlight breaking through, and I remembered, No I don’t. I remembered a truth I learned so recently that it has yet to make it into the depths of my subconscious: I am already in the midst of the family of God, right now. I could not be any closer. Then I wondered where that urgent list of tasks was coming from, much the same as when God asked Adam and Eve, “Who told you that you were naked?” I felt the Holy Spirit asking me essentially the same question– “Who told you that you were naked, devoid of my presence?”

I had to laugh on the inside. Like a long-time bachelor only recently married, I awoke thinking I was alone. Thanks to the grace of the Father, and the faith and sacrifice of his Son, and the power and love of the Holy Spirit, I was born into the family of God, adopted from before I first existed.

The crazy thing; the sad and horrible thing — is I’ve been lied to ever since the beginning. The same one who said to Eve, “You will not surely die,” has been telling me through every means available, “You are far, far from God, and he is a God who will only love you if you obey his orders. Orders, by the way, which are impossible to follow.”

As I grew up and matured a little in my faith, that lie wore through like an old, filthy rag that can no longer hold up against any resistance. It was replaced by another: “Despite your salvation by grace, you must always strain to live a righteous life and always chase after a God you can’t reach, until the day you die.” But this is just a variation on a theme. It’s the same old, “You are far from God” lie. And this lie — the same one implied when Eve was told she could not believe her Father — is as old as the human race! If you ask me, the world’s oldest profession isn’t prostitution — it’s lying! And the price is our peace, joy, and happiness, given one who won’t spend it anyway!

As light dispels darkness, the truth dispels the lie. We are close to God. We could not be any closer to our Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit than we are right this very moment. It is the truth we have always been denied. It is the most powerful bit of knowledge we can have. And that is why there has been a campaign to hide it since the beginning of time.

Do you have the truth in you? Have you let it sink deep, deep down into your psyche? Are you bathed in it daily, like you are bathed in the light, love, and glory of the family of God? Is it written in your heart? Is it coded into your DNA so it permeates every cell of your being? That’s how deep the truth goes; so must your belief of it be. It is truly the only thing that matters.

I look forward to the day when I wake up and my first thought is a true one — “Welcome to another day in the light, love, and joy of your family. You get to spend the whole day today with the three people who love you most in the universe.”

~ Steve Solari

Encouraging Words You Could (and Should) Share With Others!

You may come from the school of thought that it is better to feed the hungry than to say “Be well fed!” and then leave the scene without feeding them.

Though I don’t completely disagree with this principle from scripture, I don’t believe it is really an either/or situation. I believe you should not only feed them but relate with them in the feeding by speaking words of encouragement, too! Maybe something really encouraging like “Be well fed!” Ha-Ha!

Do you see my point?! God the Father, Son and Spirit do not just do for each other and never speak to each other!

“Proof” of this is that Jesus is the WORD of God made flesh! Within the Triune Godhead there is a Word and communication going on! Is that communication different than the Being and Doing of the Trinity, or is it Congruent with it?

The main point I want to make in this post is that it is not enough simply to do good to others, we must speak good things too! Most wives do not simply want a home, money and a few flowers. They also want to HEAR that you love them! Your kids do not just want to be fed, sheltered and clothed. They want to hear you say that you love them, and even that you like them, while looking them in the eye!!!

I have lived long enough and had enough experiences to know that if you take this seriously and begin to try it with your family, friends and neighbors, you should be ready for a few tears along with the awkwardness, even if you are a man!

We are so meant to HEAR the love, and it is neglected in so many of our relationships, people literally cannot help but cry for the joy of a deep desire finally being met when hearing the love! It will also choke your throat and threaten to nail your eyes to the floor in shame and embarrassment, so hang in there, choke the words out and force your eyes to look into theirs when you say it! I promise, it will get easier and you’ll all start to appreciate it! We’re made for it!

Ever wonder what you could, or should, say to others? Here are some things I have said to others along with participating with Jesus in His doing for them:

“God the Father loves you so much, and has embraced you so tightly and in such a unique way in Jesus Christ, that he will NEVER let you go!”

“You are good with the Goodness of the Father, Son and Spirit, and I sure appreciate it!”

“Did you know you are the son (or daughter) God the Father always wanted? He has always wanted a son/daughter just like you!” (Thanks for that one Dr. Kruger!)

Every morning my youngest daughter and I are in a contest to be the first one to blurt out “God the Father, Son and Spirit Love and Like You Very, Very MUCH!” This is one of the positive family contests I recommend! Ha-Ha!

This evening after family prayer I grabbed the faces of each of my family members and told them distinctly, “God the Father, Son and Spirit does not know how not to love you, and neither do I in His grace!”

What creative things could you (should you) SAY to others in the magnificent truth of all of humanity’s inclusion into the life of the Trinity in Jesus, as you also participate in His doing?

Remember my post “Fake it till you make it”? You don’t have to feel it or even mean it at first, in order for you to practice being who you really are in Jesus, or to baptize others in the assurance they were meant to hear! Just saying it will facilitate your “doing it” and “being it” in the grace of Jesus! After all, speaking is doing something too!

Because you belong to God the Trinity, you are not going to be able to get away forever without also SAYING Gospel to others!!!

~ by Timothy Brassell

P.S. I almost forgot! Not only will the tears start flowing, but the pearly whites will start beaming so brightly and WIDELY that the entire bunch of you who are speaking and hearing such things will be able to start eating bananas sideways! Ha-Ha!

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