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Acting Out Jesus’ Faith Through Love!

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Bible Verses: James 2: 1-13 Jude 1: 20-25  Galatians 3:26  


God has called us to a life of holiness—to be a people set apart for the glory of God. [“So in Christ Jesus you are all children of God through faith,” –Galatians 3:26 ], However, we were not saved to separate ourselves and settle around those with whom we are most comfortable. God’s kingdom will be filled with people from every tribe, tongue, and nation. The sounds of our eternal home will be permeated with beautiful, joyous voices of diversity. What better place to get ready for that glorious day than in our churches now?

“When the gospel enables us to live in love, even though we may have nothing else in common save Christ, it is a testimony to its power to transform a group of sinful, self-centered people into a loving community united by a common relationship with Jesus Christ.” –Mark Dever and Paul Alexander

Theological Theme:

God [Father-Son and Holy Spirit] has called Christians to speak and act as those who will be judged by the law of freedom.

It should be inconceivable for a Christ-follower to treat someone differently depending on his appearance as it is inconsistent with the character of the God whom we serve and to whom we bear witness. Romans 2:11 tells us that God shows no partiality. As image-bearers of God, salt and light to the world around us, our treatment of people should never depend on how they look, what they do or don’t believe, or what they can or can’t do for us.

Christ Connection:

We are to be set apart through our Christlike character, our mission-minded actions, and our biblical beliefs—all of which should drive us toward those who need Christ, regardless of their skin color, economic status, or political beliefs. Our individual lives are meant to be satellites of God’s glory to all people, reflecting the hope of the gospel and the message of mercy we ourselves have experienced.

When the early church was showing favoritism, James reminded believers of their identity in light of God’s mercy and judgment. The way we show our faith in Jesus Christ is by keeping the royal law and heralding His mercy over judgment, a mercy seen most clearly in the death of Jesus in our place. Because God has shown mercy to us through Jesus Christ, we are to show mercy to others.

Missional Application:

God, through his Holy Spirit calls us to show mercy, not partiality, by remembering that we are people who will be judged by God.

You and I are ambassadors of Christ—His representatives. And though there is great diversity within the global kingdom of God, there should be consistency within every family member of God. You, I, and the Christian halfway around the world ought to have the likeness of Christ in us, visible to a watching world. As the Spirit of God works within us to bring forth the fruit of our salvation, we bear the brand and “flavor” of our Savior. When we flesh out the work of the gospel—the internal transformation of our heart—our external attitudes and actions begin to bear the mark of a true Christian. The inward realities of our newfound righteousness become more and more apparent to those around us. And the more people see Jesus in us, the more He receives glory through our lives.


Our existence, both now and for eternity, is to display the splendor and majesty of our King. But so many Christians are missing out on the opportunity to spread His fame to every soul around us, regardless of what they look like or act like. Let’s ready ourselves to spread the hope of Christ to all who cross our paths. Let’s let go of our sinful ways and instead embrace the impartiality of God. May we herald the holiness of our God through actions and attitudes laced with mercy and grace to the lost and dying world around us.

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