Questions And Responses Regarding Baptism And Other Things!


On this 3rd Sunday after the Epiphany in the Christian Calendar (The Season Of the God Revealed in Jesus Christ), Pastor Timothy Brassell of  New Life Fellowship of Baltimore proclaims the last message of this series on Jesus and His baptism.  Rehearse how God’s baptism in Jesus is the GOOD NEWS that we can identify ourselves with Jesus boldly in our baptism, knowing God is SO GOOD that in Free Grace He has come to meet us in our rebellion, in our rejection and in our ignorance, CLEANSING AND LOVING US and bringing us into His relationship.

Hear in this interactive message the answers to these specific questions and more!:

  • Why was God was Baptized?
  • Why should we be baptized if Jesus was baptized for us?
  • In what ways is baptism performed? Why is sprinkling done in some circles? Why is immersion done in others?
  • Who is to be baptized?
  • How many times should we be baptized?
  • Does one have to be ordained to baptize others?
  • Is being “Christened” and “Being baptized” the same thing?
  • What if I was baptized in the name of someone other than Jesus or the Father, Son and Spirit? Should I be baptized again?

Listen in on this interesting conversation, and maybe hear YOUR question about baptism answered out of Who Jesus is as the Gospel!

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  1. Lisa Bendele on

    Being Catholic, I can say that christening is a baptism. Confirmation occurs at a later time during grade school. at what age I’m not really sure any more. If you have any questions about that, I’m sure a priest would be more than happy to answer your questions. I must say, you are sounding a lot like the Catholic faith! I am smiling really largely right now. After confirmation, the children are considered to be able then to take communion with the adults. What they are taught in religion classes, they carry around for the rest of their lives. They know more than what one would think. Learning more about their religion afterward, as adults, is largely up to them. What I have noticed from people who have left the catholic faith, is that they did not attend like they should have, or continued with their education in said faith. And they have forgotten the Eucharist, its meaning, and the power of it. I am still a baby in this religion. I am still learning so much. I can’t learn enough quickly enough. God is good.
    I have a niece who has chosen wicca as her religion and had her babies baptized in that. My mother was so appalled, she asked her priest about baptizing the child in the trinity, without the mother knowing it. The priest said, and I’m paraphrasing here, ” Are you baptized? Do you have the Holy spirit in you?” So of course then, my mother sprinkled holy water on the children, laid hands on them, and baptized them, in the name of the Father, the Son , and the Holy Spirit. How cool is that? Well you knew my mom. And that was her, looking out for the great grandkids, spiritually and otherwise, as she always did for all of us.

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