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The Triune God Of Grace who Whispers!


Part 1a: 28min


Part 1b: 30min


Full Message: 58min


Main Passage

1 Kings 19:1-18

“After the events on Mount Carmel, the prophet Elijah succumbed to discouragement and despair. In response to Elijah’s circumstances, God revealed Himself. The God who sent down fire from heaven in a bold and spectacular display of His power is the same God who whispered to Elijah in a quiet moment of sustaining grace. God strengthens us in our despair, challenges the lies we believe, and then ministers to us through His Word and through His people. As the recipients of God’s grace, we, in turn, rely on His power to deliver His message of comfort.“- The Gospel Project

Theological Theme

God- Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, is gracious to reveal Himself to His people.

Christ Connection

Elijah was a prophet who faced persecution and opposition from those who rejected God. His example points forward to Jesus, the greatest prophet, who endured opposition for delivering God’s Word.

Missional Application

God- through His Holy Spirit, calls us to rely on Him for the strength we need to deliver His message.

“Life is often not as straightforward as we would like it to be. In the midst of such a period of life, Elijah forgot the truth of God’s power over Jezebel. Like many of us, he responded to his threatening circumstance by running away…..Everyone faces the disappointing sting of failure in some way or another. We do not need to beat ourselves up for our moments of despair, nor deny them. Yet we cannot stay in them forever…Depression can skew how we see truth, and we are extremely vulnerable to this when under duress and fatigue. 

I’ve found that it is good to allow myself room for disappointment but also not to forget to allow God room to minister to me. I need to remember what God has done for me: in large ways, such as offering the gift of salvation and giving me hope in Jesus Christ; in small ways, such as caring for and ministering to me daily. 

As the body of Christ, we must be available to minister to one another in these times. We must encourage people to draw closer to the body of Christ, but sometimes we must take time away in solitude with God and His Word, so the Lord Himself may minister to us. Our example here is Jesus, who frequently drew away from the crowds to pray and be alone with God.

Whether Elijah fled his situation out of fatigue, fear, lack of faith, or disappointment, he still ran. But even in his despair and running, God was still there, ministering in truth and love.”- The Gospel Project

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Sharing In Jesus’ Ministry To Those Dealing With Same-sex Attraction, pt.5

Jesus Love One Another Darry D

Who and what is it you should remember MOST about this series and  proclamation of God’s Good News? This is what is addressed in this 5th message of this series by Pastor Timothy Brassell at!

Sharing In Jesus’ Ministry To Those Dealing With Same-sex Attraction!, pt. 4

Romans 8

So, as we live between the times of Jesus’ Ascension and His Reappearance: Are the Father, Son and Spirit pessimistic about our present participation in Their sanctification? Are They realistic about it? Is Jesus surprised about our lack of reaching perfection here and now? Is our Father surprised and disappointed at our “lack of progress”? Do our current struggles discourage The Holy Spirit? Is the Triune God of Love expecting you to make and fulfill your promises? Is the Relational God of grace impatient and is all this suffering really worth it? These are the kinds of questions addressed in this 6th message of this series at New Life Fellowship of Baltimore, Maryland.
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