The Triune God Of Grace Who Whispers! Pt. 2


Part 1a: 28min


Part 1b: 30min


Full Message: 58min


Main Passage

1 Kings 19:1-18

“After the events on Mount Carmel, the prophet Elijah succumbed to discouragement and despair. In response to Elijah’s circumstances, God revealed Himself. The God who sent down fire from heaven in a bold and spectacular display of His power is the same God who whispered to Elijah in a quiet moment of sustaining grace. God strengthens us in our despair, challenges the lies we believe, and then ministers to us through His Word and through His people. As the recipients of God’s grace, we, in turn, rely on His power to deliver His message of comfort.“- The Gospel Project

“What God The Father has revealed about Himself through Jesus and in The Scriptures and by The Holy Spirit is that He both shouts and whispers” – Pastor Timothy Brassell

Theological Theme

God- Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, is gracious to reveal Himself to His people.

Christ Connection

Elijah was a prophet who faced persecution and opposition from those who rejected God. His example points forward to Jesus, the greatest prophet, who endured opposition for delivering God’s Word.

Missional Application

God- through His Holy Spirit, calls us to rely on Him for the strength we need to deliver His message.

Not being reconciled to the fact of sin— not recognizing it and refusing to deal with it— produces all the disasters in life. You may talk about the lofty virtues of human nature, but there is something in human nature that will mockingly laugh in the face of every principle you have. If you refuse to agree with the fact that there is wickedness and selfishness, something downright hateful and wrong, in human beings, when it attacks your life, instead of reconciling yourself to it, you will compromise with it and say that it is of no use to battle against it. Have you taken this “hour, and the power of darkness” into account, or do you have a view of yourself which includes no recognition of sin whatsoever? In your human relationships and friendships, have you reconciled yourself to the fact of sin? If not, just around the next corner you will find yourself trapped and you will compromise with it. But if you will reconcile yourself to the fact of sin, you will realize the danger immediately and say, “Yes, I see what this sin would mean.” The recognition of sin does not destroy the basis of friendship— it simply establishes a mutual respect for the fact that the basis of sinful life is disastrous. Always beware of any assessment of life which does not recognize the fact that there is sin.

Jesus Christ never trusted human nature, yet He was never cynical nor suspicious because He had absolute trust in what He could do for human nature. The pure man or woman is the one who is shielded from harm, not the innocent person. The so-called innocent man or woman is never safe. Men and women have no business trying to be innocent; God demands that they be pure and virtuous. Innocence is the characteristic of a child. Any person is deserving of blame if he is unwilling to reconcile himself to the fact of sin.”- Oswald Chambers

“God is calling us to be pure and virtuous….we are being called right now to recognize that even though this Great Grace is upon us and it’s all true that Christ still stands in for us  and we are perfect in Him…it [also] means our participation, and that participation isn’t false….it is just by faith. It is the obedience of faith……God is calling us to think more out of this and really live and participate and not be so run over by this world and so accommodating to it, and to trust Him to be God. “Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.” Galatians 6: 10   ” -Pastor Timothy Brassell.

The Triune God Of Grace who Whispers Pt1

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