Becoming An Ethically Responsible Christian Disciple! Part 1 (Our Christian/ Biblical Worldview)

Part 1A:

Part 1B

Full Message:

Bible Verses: Colossians 2, Colossians 3: 17, 23


This messages proclaims Jesus and clarifies the Christian Worldview as given to us by Jesus through his Apostles in scripture. It seeks to help us have a “pair of glasses” that we might, in the Father’s grace, know how we ought to see, be and act in participation with Christ by His Divine Commands shared with us in the Holy Spirit.

Theological Theme:

As members of of the Body of Christ and people in this world, the Church has a dual citizenship! We are participants of the Kingdom of Heaven and citizens of the human family on earth.

Christ Connection:

In the Person and Work of Jesus, our human nature lives out its human life in a full and proper response to the Father by the Spirit. In Jesus we are also graciously given how it is we are to love our neighbors as ourselves as we minister to the Father in the Spirit.

Every Christian has a complex responsibility – the response-ability of Christ by the Spirit – through which we are equipped by Jesus through His Church for the works of his service to His Father, on behalf of the world!

We live, move and have our being in relation to the FSS in these three spheres:

  • As participants in the sphere of the Church, with Faith in Jesus! (the Church is NOT the Kingdom)
  • As participants in the sphere of the Kingdom, in Hope for its fullness! (the Kingdom is NOT the Church)
  • As participants in the world, with the Love Jesus shares! We all live in and participate in the sphere of Human Authority – Government, State, Jobs (seeking to love our neighbor with Christ and at his direction and inspiration)

Missional Application:

Our life in the World is primarily one of Love – not as defined by Santa Clause, but defined by Jesus Christ – self-giving, other-centered, and self-sacrificing toward God, first, and, at his direction, toward others! We are to teach others and disciple them the way Jesus teaches and disciples us. The way Jesus loved the world in the scriptures is the same way He still loves the world in and through His people who trust him, to the glory of His Father in the Holy Spirit!

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