Profit And Loss


 isaiah 55

Are you wondering WHEN are you going to experience the treasures that come with knowing God?

In this Gospel Message entitled “Profit And Loss”, Pastor Richard Andrews of  New Life Fellowship of Baltimore, Proclaims the Good News and  gives encouragement through The Apostle Paul and by exploring Philippians 3:4-14 and also by reading the Lectionary, 17th Sunday after Pentecost: That our Profit and Losses are not Fiscal Profit and Losses but Profit in the context of our trials – Treasures in heaven. The kind that are measured in our Blood and Jesus’s Blood. The kind that are measured in sweat and tears.

In this message hear how to see our trials and ourselves differently by learning:

~We need to start seeing Jesus and what HE wants differently.

~We need to start seeing the acts and works of our hands differently.

~We need to start seeing the things that come out of our mouths differently as we grow in Christ.

~Our Prize is to move forward, to press on through trials, to see the heavenly calls. (Isaiah 55-1)

~To count it all as a period of cleansing – Our “Pressure Cooker Period”


~To see trials as a way of melting/weakening of the flesh/ humbling us.

~To see trials as pointing us to THE ONE IN WHOM ALL ANSWERS ARE FOUND!

~To see trials not just as losing self but GAINING JESUS CHRIST, growing in his righteousness!

In this message we understand that:

~There is NO WAY to share in Jesus’s suffering without US SUFFERING! To know Christ is to know him in his suffering!

~Our Father is saying, STAND UP as a Community in the LOVE of God and WALK as a Community to help other Communities. We are never in a vacuum but rather, US TOGETHER with FATHER SON and SPIRIT embracing us all. We stand in the name and power of Jesus Christ who lives in and through us!

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