“Partnering With Jesus In Planting Disciples-Making Communities”

jesus the who



In this Gospel Message entitled ” Partnering With Jesus In Planting Disciple-Making Communities!”, Pastor Timothy Brassell of  New Life Fellowship of Baltimore, shares with us the Mission of GCI and NLF with Jesus which is: Living and Sharing the Gospel! Seeing Jesus revealed in Matt 9:27-38, He Proclaims The GOOD NEWS that we are called to be GOSPEL PROCLAIMERS who participate with Jesus and other disciples, forming disciple-making communities that also proclaim this GOOD NEWS!

In this message we learn that when we see Jesus we see the God, Father and Spirit acting as One in Jesus! What we see coming out of the heart of Jesus is the heart of the Father, Son and Spirit! In Christ God is active in our humanity, BEingDOingACTing, and  SPEAKing in Relationship as He saves, heals and redeems His fallen creation!

Listen in as Pastor Tim explores the following questions:

Do you see God, Father Son and Spirit in Jesus?

Do you see God, Father Son and Spirit Committed to His plan of Adoption?

Do you see the humbling of God in Jesus Christ?

Do you see the capability of man in Jesus Christ?

Can you feel the Fierce wrath and Fiery Love of God, Father Son and Spirit?

Do you see the faces of all of the Lord’s children?

Can you discern the whole God inside the whole man Jesus?

Can you see that God the Father desires to be known? Now!?

Can you look at Jesus and see how God deals with the confusion that has entered the human race and creation?

Can you see that Jesus calls disciples to participate with Him in the loving labor of  prayer and disciple-making?

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