Participation In The Coming Of Jesus Christ…!, part 2

ADVENT – The Friendly God In His Coming

Advent - The Coming of Jesus

In this Advent Season of focusing on the Coming and Presence of God the Blessed Trinity, this 2nd message in the series, proclaimed at New Life Fellowship of Baltimore, Maryland, helps to ask and answer the question: If God the Trinity Is, and Was, and Is To Come, could this really mean that things are getting worse, and worse, and worse, and that God’s Coming REALLY means that He isn’t already here? Be shocked at what we have forgotten and is being restored in the Church’s experience by our Gracious Social God in this proclamation of God the Father, Son and Spirit as His Good News.

Check out this article by John Stonecypher on this site to supplement your hearing  of the Word of the Lord on this subject:

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  1. jkharri4 on

    WOWEEEE AWESOME NEWS!!! GOD is NOT the garbage collector…wearing gloves, goggles or protective wear to deal with my ickiness…but he “CHOOSES to LIVE IN SINFUL ME, AND OVERCOME IT FROM WITHIN…redeeming, healing, sanctifying and restoring…..WHILE HE LOVES ME”…..ICKY MEEEEEEEE!!!!!…..He meets us where we are….IN OUR MESS. SOOOOO OVERWHELMINGLY JOYFUL THAT I CAN’T GET AWAY FROM HIM….. LOVING THAT HE IS PRESENT IN US ALLLLLLLLL !!!!!!! WHAT LOVE!!


    • tjbrassell on

      Dear Karen,

      Sorry so long in responding! Yes, He in our mess! He REALLY understands US, and is feeling and helping us where we ACTUALLY are! Whew!!!! 🙂

      Peace, Love and Blessings,


  2. Tim, I loved hearing these ideas as processed through your unique brain, heart, and tongue! And the fact that we *participate* in Christ’s coming — That’s an angle I haven’t thought of before; you always give me stuff to chew on.

    • tjbrassell on

      John, there was no proclaiming this without your participation! Been “on fire” and feeling the Good News in this subject for awhile, and your article on this subject is and has been of immense help!!! Thank You!!! I knew I had to preach it someday and here is that day! 🙂

      Seeing that God Reveals in Jesus that He refuses to be Who He is without us says something important about our Participation in His Coming (in His already Presence), in particular the Church, that is helping things come together for me as we live and breathe “between the times” of Jesus’ appearance and reappearance. I am experiencing how we Work in His Rest and Rest in His Work till He come again that is a lot more satisfying and hopeful!

      Peace, Love and Blessings, and Keep the Gospel Coming Cause I Love Good Preaching Material! 🙂


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