Love, Sex, and the Trinity

This sentence got my attention: “While the world worships sex through indulgence, Christians often worship sex through abstinence.” Whoa! Been there, done those!

You mean to tell me sex isn’t sinful? It most certainly is not! In the words of the Triune God who created us, and it, it is in fact VERY GOOD (Gen 1:27-28, 31, 2:24-25). Ha-Ha! Again I say sex isn’t sinful! Now, do we sinners handle and approach sex in sinful ways like we do everything else? Absolutely! But, as with all issues of sin (or missing the target), our wrong approach and mishandling of a subject usually begins with how we are thinking about it (Gen 3:1-7)!

Yes, in all of our repenting and thinking radically different about Who God is and who we are in Him in the Light of Jesus, we’re going to have to radically rethink everything we thought we knew about sex and making love, too! And because being Adopted into the life of the Trinity in Jesus includes every part of our humanity and not just exclusive parts of us, we’re going to have to discuss and rethink the subject of sex and making love right along with every other subject! If the Lord is with us in our mess, then that also includes the messiness of our sex!

By the tone of an article I read on the CNN website recently it looks like the radical rethinking of sex is happening in provocative, sizzling, earthy and Trinitarian ways!

And, don’t worry – when I say “provocative”, I mean statements in the article like “When it comes to sex, many Christians confuse the fences for the playground. We’ve created what I call the chastity cult. Married and single Christians alike put sex on a pedestal. We’re more serious and obsessed with the rules than we ought to be.” Wow!

By “sizzling” I mean sentences in the article such as, “Like the heretics of yore, we are so wary of sensual pleasure, we put up so many rules, rigmarole, and warning signs that we’ve made sex unrecognizable. We forget that sex is playful.”

By “earthy” I mean writing things like, “…the kind of sex life God intends for us. It’s earthy. It’s erotic and playful. It’s deeply intimate. It’s 100% orthodox.”

And by “Trinitarian”, I mean the author penning statements like, “Christian sexuality at its best is actually an expression of what churchgoers call the Trinitarian life – a holistic, all-encompassing, committed love, the kind of love we reach for in marriage.”

That’s what I’m talkin’ about! Tell me more! Now, before I send you to the full article for more Trinitarian sexual education (and revel in it again myself!) try to remember that when we Christians say “Learning/knowledge”, we always mean “IN RELATIONSHIP!”

Read the article by Tyler Blanski here (You know you want to!) Ha-Ha!

~ Timothy Brassell

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  1. Pastor Dan on

    Great article brother. Ha/ha! I have to confess something…I have been married 15 yrs. and still don’t have it figured out yet. I guess that God made it that way — to be mysterious at times…well, most of the time. I have heard Humanists and Agnostics criticize Christians for being too uptight about sex, so much so that they say we become more addicted or that we are so suppressed that when we turn our backs on religion that this is the area we rush to and why we leave our religion. I dont’ know about all that…but I do know how ackward the congregation gets at church when the subject of sex is brought up. It does seem like a lot of hiding is going on about the subject…and you know what they say — we are only as dysfunctional/healthy as our strongest secret. Perhaps you are the man to take this to the churches and help with it. It would take quite a man (and wife) to do so. Ha/ha. Good luck with that. Ha! Enjoy your words above, Bro. — Pastor Dan

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