Transformation and The Dawn Treader

I realize that they’re supposed to be children’s books, but I have a fondness for The Chronicles of Narnia series by C.S. Lewis.  It should be no surprise then when I report that I have seen the latest movie based on the books, The Chronicles of Narnia:  The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.  Before you think that this is turning into a movie review or that I’ll spoil the plot for those of you awaiting the DVD, you can rest easy.  What I want to talk about is what is missing from the movie.

The Dawn Treader features a new character named Eustace, the sulky, sour-faced cousin of Edmund and Lucy.  As you can imagine, there is no love lost between the Pevensies and Eustace until his lack of integrity and a little magic put him in a humbling position that allows Aslan, the great Lion, to change him both inside and out.

The movie portrays this in a dramatic and entertaining fashion, and from watching the movie, one might think that Eustace changed overnight from being a pain in the neck to being the best cousin ever.  The book, however, tells a slightly different story.

C.S. Lewis says this of Eustace’s transformation:  “It would be nice, and fairly true, to say that ‘from that time forth Eustace was a different boy.’  To be strictly accurate, he began to be a different boy.  He had relapses.  There were still many days when he could be very tiresome.  But most of those I shall not notice.  The cure had begun” (The Voyage of the Dawn Treader ,  Chapter 7).

Eustace had had a life-changing encounter and transformation with Aslan, yet he still messed up sometimes.  He still sinned, just as we do even though we understand our adoption and salvation through Jesus Christ.  The important thing for us to remember is that our adoption isn’t contingent on us behaving properly or peeling the “scales” of sin off, like Eustace tried to do.  The “cure” for our sin disease was begun long before we ever knew of Jesus Christ.

As we “live and move and have our being” in Christ (Acts 17:28), we will have plenty of days when we’re “very tiresome.”  Thankfully, the Triune God doesn’t seem to notice.  The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit know that our cure has been started, and they are certain to bring it to fruition.

~by Nan Kuhlman

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  1. Craig Kuhlman on

    I would be remiss if I didn’t comment on Nan’s (my beloved wife of 25 years this May 15) inaugural post on Trinity and Humanity.

    Although I may not be as enamored of “The Chronicles,” I certainly am of her writing ability and her journalism training (magna cum laude BGSU) that has enabled her to participate in what the Triune God is up to in our day and age.

    Even more so, I am very proud that she was thought of by Jonathan and Tim to join them in their participation and ministry via this blog (may I also refer to them as beloved personal friends).

    I commented on my introductions post to Dr. Morrison’s GCS class New Testament Background, that I was pleased to be married to a gal who had been invited to participate in their ministry.

    BRAVO! my love…I look forward to reading many more…

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