Hymn to the Trinity

In my search for Trinitarian worship music I decided to write a new “Hymn to the Trinity.” These words are written to be sung to the tune of “Morning Has Broken.” (If you’re not familiar with that music you can find it here on YouTube.)

Jesus is risen, Heaven is dawning

Jesus revealing the Father’s love

Come, Holy Spirit, show us the Father

Show us our place in the life of the Son


Joy and anguish, Divine and human

Heaven and all things joined in one Man

Jesus has brought us home to the Father

Give Him the glory for our new life


Praise to the Father, Jesus, and Spirit

Praise to the Three who love life as One

Father in Jesus, Jesus in Father

Spirit in their love, one God in Three

To read more about the thought behind these lyrics you can check out this two-page article I wrote about the hymn.

~ Jonathan Stepp

4 comments so far

  1. sonny parsons on

    Greetings from Big Sandy! Awesome work! The sermon here and in Texarkana was about the Apostle’s Creed and your hymn. We had a powerpoint presentation of the words during the sermon and the congregation sang the song. I then read word for word your explanation of the wording of the hymn. Due to the familiarity of the tune everyone was able to sing it very easily. We played the music from one of Ross Jutum’s albums which has a beautiful three verse piano rendition that perfectly matched because it has an introduction that gave the congregation time to be ready to sing. We received many good comments about the song. I met with the worship leaders here and in Texarkana and asked them to incorporate it into the worship service at least once a month. Thanks for the inspired efforts you put forth. The trinity should be pleased!!


  2. Pastor Jonathan on

    Hi Sonny,Thanks for the encouragement! I’m so glad to hear that your congregation was blessed by the song. We are also singing it here in my two churches in TN, it’s exciting to know that others of our brothers and sisters are singing it as well!

  3. Jerome on

    Could this be the beginning of a whole new aspect to your participation in Christ’s ministry to the world?? After all, you ARE in Nashville…! (We enjoyed singing it and especially, drinking it in!)

  4. Pastor Jonathan on

    Thanks for the encouragement, Jerome – I’ll have to wait and see if there are any more lyrics rolling around in my head. I was actually surprised that I was able to write this one!

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