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Jesus Is Risen! So Go…Meet Jesus!



Audio – Full Message – 20mins:”

Bible Verses: Matthew 28

 This Good News series is about Jesus’ Believers and Disciples Going in Active Participation with Him, Wherever He Says to “Go!…”

Theological Theme:

As Christians called to Christ and in Union with him, Jesus sends the Spirit so that we can be transformed and begin to Organize and Execute our Lives Around the Father with him and his priorities! We no longer live trying to fit Jesus in to our schedules. Believers have died that death in Jesus and now we live unto Christ! The Father’s schedule is our schedule, and is scheduled first! It’s amazing how much Father helps us fit in or put out of our schedules when we are spending time with him and his Son.

Christ Connection:

Immediately following his Resurrection, Jesus began to meet with his disciples, directing them to “Go” in the Spirit.  In this message his disciples are encouraged to go to his disciples, encouraging them to meet up with him and be built up in his faith, hope and love!

Missional Application:

God the Father calls us to embrace a life of participation with His Son, our Savior and Lord, whose mission was only to seek and to do what his Father was doing, in the Spirit.

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