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The Plot Against Paul!

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Bible Verse: Acts 23: 1-24


While in Jerusalem on a mission of mercy, Paul was judged for his resurrection hope, strengthened by Christ’s presence in prison, and preserved through a surprising plot twist. Even in prison, God was faithful to provide for Paul and lead His servant to be used where and how He desired. Paul demonstrated boldness, courage, and conviction because resurrection hope gives God’s people confidence to share the gospel no matter the consequences.

Theological Theme:

Resurrection hope through God [The Father-Son-Holy-Spirit] is the source of Christian courage.

Christ Connection:

Paul’s confidence in the midst of trying circumstances came from his belief that the God of his fathers was the God who had revealed His glory in the person and work of Jesus Christ. Paul believed that the faithfulness of God that was shown through the cross and resurrection of Jesus would sustain him through persecution and trial.

Missional Application:

God, through His Holy Spirit calls us to courageously testify to the gospel, even when the cost of telling the truth is high.


What a difference the resurrection makes! It distinguishes Christians from non-Christians in every culture and context as it refurbishes our life pursuits, changes our old attitudes, and gives us hope to continue running the race even in the midst of despair. Because of the resurrection, Christians are thrice-born creatures: 1) we are born; 2) we are born again (John 3:7); and 3) one day, we will be born again, again. Our third birth will be just as physical as our first. That’s why archeologists will never discover Jesus’ skeleton. As the angel told Mary, “He is not here, but he has risen!” (Luke 24:6). And we will rise too (Rom. 8:11). Until then, let the resurrection become a source of courage and confidence as we live knowing one day “we will be like him” (1 John 3:2), and for all eternity we will see the Savior “face to face” (1 Cor. 13:12).

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Jesus Is Risen! So Go…Make Disciples! Part 4

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Bible Verses: Matthew 28

 This Good News series is about Jesus’ Believers and Disciples “GO”ing in Active Participation with Him, Wherever He Says to “Go!…” AND MAKING DISCIPLES WHO CAN MAKE DISCIPLES!

Theological Theme:

Christian Disciples are those who willingly, by grace through faith, and in loving obedience, participate with Jesus in offering their total humanity in allegiance to the Father, through the Son and in the Spirit! Christian Disciples participate with Jesus in his repentance and baptism, being incorporated into his body, the Church. Christian Disciples become fully committed to making disciples of Jesus who can make disciples of Jesus that make disciples of Jesus – in the Spirit, through the Son and to the Glory of our Father!

Christ Connection:

“When the people of Jesus follow the way of Jesus, their stories will begin to look like his story (which is beautiful but it also comes with a cost).” – The Gospel Project

We have been drawn into the self-giving, other centered, self-sacrificing and generous, loving compassion of the Father, Son and Spirit God, through Jesus Christ. And though it comes at great cost, it also comes with great joy!

Missional Application:

*Don’t just “Bring a Friend” (everyone needs Jesus!), more than that, bring a pre-disciple of Jesus to the community of the Church Body.

*Start with one person (and only more if Father has made it obvious!) When rejected, go elsewhere. Feel free to look everywhere! Talk to disciples more about Jesus than something called Christianity. Talk more about Jesus than his Church!

*Don’t worry too much about bringing others to Church at first (think relationship, home, small group first!)! A person genuinely called by Jesus will be drawn to his Body, the Bible, prayer, the Father, the Spirit and loving all people.

*Remember that life is short and death is sure and people are living under the sentence of death! Physical death and spiritual death are real but now is a day of salvation.

*We must not be lax in discipleship because of past  and poor teachings  but we must be renewed at the living voice of Jesus Christ! “Can these bones live??? You know Oh, Lord!”

You received Christ though the proclamation and discipleship of his Church! Now is not the time to put down the Church but to lift up and be the Church and pray for the Church! God is not limited to the Church but in his oversight of this world Jesus is building his Church (and his Church is called to participate with him and to go and make disciples of all nations).

For the purposes of discipleship: There is a “them” and an “us”! We must never confuse who Jesus is on behalf of all, and who we are as individuals distinct from him and each other! There are some of us who are knowing, loving and trusting Jesus as he draws us to himself, and some who aren’t knowing, loving or trusting Jesus as he draws them to himself!


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