God Reveals Himself To Isaiah!


Part 1a: 18min


Part 1b: 20min


Full Message: 38min


Main Passage: Isaiah 6:1-8

The prophet Isaiah had a vision of God high and lifted up—holy and glorious in His temple. In light of God’s piercing holiness, Isaiah received a proper vision of his own sin and unworthiness. But God, in His grace, restored Isaiah to service and gave the prophet a message for the people. Like Isaiah, we too are undone by the vision of God’s glory, but through His grace, God deals with our sin and then commissions us to deliver His message of love to the world. – The Gospel Project

Theological Theme:

God- Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is holy and glorious beyond compare. “Our God is a consuming fire. He is satisfied only when His love totally consumes us…We should not resent the fact that God wants to guard our relationship with Him. It should bring us comfort.” – Henry T. Blackaby and Richard Blackaby

Christ Connection:

Isaiah had a vision of a throne room with a divine King. Jesus later claimed that Isaiah had seen His glory and thus the prophet’s words were about Him (John 12:32,41). Like Isaiah, when we see ourselves in light of God’s holiness, we recognize our sinful state and need for salvation.

Missional Application:

God, through His Holy Spirit, calls us to live in light of our salvation by willingly delivering His message to the world, no matter how unpopular it may be.

Photo compliments: http://www.hiltonchurch.org/uk


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