The God Who Answers With Fire!

the god who answers with fire

Part 1a: 21min


Part 1b: 22min


Full Message: 43min


Main Passage

1 Kings 18:17-39

“On Mount Carmel, the prophet Elijah demonstrated the stark contrast between the demand placed on our lives by pursuing false idols and the resources God provides for us to pursue our relationship with Him. In the end, one pursuit leaves us bled out and used up; the other pursuit builds us back up and ministers to us so we can minister to others.” – The Gospel Project

Theological Theme

False gods demand strenuous effort and sacrifice, but the true God- Father, Son and Holy Spirit,  is known by His grace and power.

Christ Connection

The prophets of Baal danced and slashed themselves before the altar, thinking they must bleed in order to express their devotion. But the true God is different than false gods like Baal. He expressed His devotion to us by sending His Son—Jesus Christ—who bled and died for us so that we could receive His grace through faith.

Missional Application

God- Through His Holy Spirit, calls us not to hesitate or be hindered by idolatry but to join in His mission of turning people’s hearts back to Him.

“The god who answers with fire will challenge the source of your faith. God has started a work in you that He is faithful to complete.” – Pastor Richard Andrews


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