You Are Looking For Jesus Of Nazareth!

Mark 16-6-7”

This message proclaims that you have solidarity with God in even your darkest hour because of God in Christ! In Christ Jesus has joined us in our dying – Indeed in Christ, God died! – uniting us to Himself in His Resurrection. Therefore, you can live NOW IN HOPE for your human life because:

When Jesus Christ lived, he lived your life, our life. When Jesus died, he died your death, our death. When Jesus rose and ascended to his Father, you rose, we rose, and all humanity mysteriously and truly ascended to his Father in Him!

Indeed, you are looking for Jesus, Who promised to draw all men to Himself! You, we, truly do live in Jesus The Resurrection and The Life! So, do you live in Him???? 🙂

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  2. M.D - medical doctor nguyễn khắc dũng & trần thị hồng thu on

    ti amo
    glad to see you again
    so long

  3. MD nguyễn mạnh hoàn và thanh niên hà nội @ bệnh viện tâm thần ban ngày mai hương số 4 phố hồng mai quận hai bà trưng hà nội on

    return to eden

  4. bệnh viện hữu nghị việt nam cu ba 37 hai bà trưng & MD ngô thanh hồi on

    khổ quá

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