God’s Perspective On Human Rebellion and Sin!

Genesis_3 God's perspective on sin


Genesis 3 is about God and the Fall of man. However, one problem with sinners is that they bring a sinful perspective to understanding sin and the fall and therefore can’t understand it. Ha! In fact, most sinners are so sin-centered they actually think sin is the primary thing to God! Yikes! But what if sin ISN’T the primary thing with God, but only a secondary thing? What if God and His Good News IS not only the primary thing, but the first and last thing? And what awesome difference would it make to have God’s perspective on human rebellion and sin rather than a sinner’s perspective? Honestly? It would make all the difference in the world!!! How quickly do you want to be renewed in the hope and truth of God? Good! Then you may now get to, and download, this Good News fast and in a hurry! 🙂

*picture courtesy of pastorgraphics.com

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  1. Sherwin Scott on

    Thank you Timothy for this very encouraging message. Effectively delivered from your heart. You are a good speaker who is easy to understand. Keep up the good work. I listened while travelling on a bus here in the United Kingdom!

    • tjbrassell on

      Thank you for noting that you found it easy to understand, as I find it difficult to communicate the main kernel of all the corn cob that is within me! 🙂 That must have been a loooong bus ride that day…hahaha!

      Much Love Brother Sherwin and thanks for participating with us through commenting!

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