At His Feet


Are you looking for REST?     ~    Are you looking to experience the JOY of THE LORD?

In this Gospel Message, Pastor Richard Andrews of  New Life Fellowship of Baltimore, explores Luke 10:38 – 42 and proclaims the GOOD NEWS that This Gospel is for ALL OF US! One message customized for EACH OF US! Young~Old, Rich~Poor, Sick~Healthy. THAT is the beauty of who GOD is!

In this message hear how

~ When we sit at the feet of Jesus we experience HIS INTIMACY

~We can focus on BEING and not DOING!

~We can REST in HIS presence!

~ JESUS is the NECESSARY PART  in the midst of our Chaos and Confusion!

~At Jesus’ Feet ALL IS WELL!

~ he invites us to come sit at his feet.“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you REST.” Matt11-28NIV  ~ and in THAT REST we find who WE ARE!

*picture byG3 Fellowship.  Franklinton, NC

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