Being Jesus’ Body (A Church For Others!), Part 6

Loving God Loving Others

In this 6th message of the Good News series entitled: “Being Jesus’ Body (A Church For Others!), Pastor Tim of New Life Fellowship of Baltimore, Maryland, Proclaims the Good News of the Other-centered God Revealed in Jesus. This message is subtitled “THERE IS ONLY ONE WHO IS GOOD!”

In this message understand:
  • Who Jesus is and what it means that YOUR calling to Him is not a calling to a new religion but to Life!
  • Why Followers of Jesus should completely abandon any attempt to make something of themselves!
  • Why, along with Jesus, you should not be concerned with yourself being good!
  • The real danger in YOUR wish to own “things”!

*Picture by Ridgedale Baptist Church (Chattanooga, TN.)


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