Y(Our) Struggles Aren’t Against Flesh And Blood, Part 3

12.09.23 Y(Our) Struggles Aren’t Against Flesh And Blood, Part 3 (Eph 6.10-20) – TAH

What if, in the Light of God the Trinity, spiritual warfare is actually God’s passionate Love and determination that all of His creatures know and experience Him as Jesus does? That would ultimately make spiritual warfare Good News since it is initiated by the Relational God Who IS good, acting personally and unceasingly to share His Love and Life with All creation! But in come the Doubter’s questions: Is God REALLY Good?, Can God really be trusted to be and do good?, Doesn’t God really have two minds about us all? And by the way, where is the hell we all know and love?  From this message get a better definition of spiritual warfare and the REAL attacks going on!

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