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You WILL Be Faithful to the Father, Son, and Spirit

And I really do mean YOU!

God the Trinity will have it no other way than that you WILL be faithful in your response to Him as a human being. That is why the Father sent His one and only Son Jesus as the Vicarious Man, or the Man who is representing (re-presenting) you to God in the Spirit with all of the proper responses worthy of God from a human being! Right now, in the human body of Jesus, you are being counted as faithful because Jesus is being faithful for you! Wowsa! That will pick up your day and moment as Jesus shares His belief of that truth with you! I NEVER get tired of Good News that Good!

In the first instance, I am speaking about you as you are in the Person of Jesus only!

In other words, you still have something that is not of Jesus to contend with until you physically die and receive a glorified body, mind, and spirit like Jesus’. The reason you do not have to overly worry about the part of you that is not quite like Jesus yet is because as God the Father sees you, in the literal-right-now-glorified-human-being-of-His-Son, you are already a New Creation and completely transformed in His transformation! You ARE going to get all the good that’s coming to you in Jesus, in the grace of God – regardless of your good and bad works, color, race, creed, economic status, religion, atheism, good and bad attitudes, minor or major sins, body fat index, debts, homelessness, etc. As The Message version of the Bible says in 1 Cor 15:22 “Everybody dies in Adam; everybody comes alive in Christ”

In the second instance, I am speaking about you being faithful to the Father, Son, and Spirit as distinct from (though in union with) the vicarious humanity of the Son, Jesus.

Yes, somehow, in the grace and creative, relational, genius of the Holy Spirit, THOSE OF YOU WHO WANT TO WILL BE COMPLETELY FAITHFUL TO JESUS!!!

I was reminded of the Trinity’s ability to pull this off when I re-read one of the situations in the life of the Apostle Peter again and saw an amazing thing. You can read and rehearse the story in Mark 14:26-31. The thing I saw was that Peter is so inspired at the friendship, brotherhood and stunning personality of Jesus that he promises not only to be faithful to Jesus during trouble, but also strongly protests that he will never deny Jesus even at the point of death! Of course, we know the end result of that strong protest – Peter denied Jesus “out the Wazoo”, THREE TIMES, and with cursing – Mark 14:66-72!  Boy, if Peter isn’t like most of us, I don’t know who is! I know I have certainly been like that in too many “off” moments!

BUT, as with all things Jesus (and us in our forever union with Jesus), our false promises and lies are NOT the end of the story, for Abba Father will have us as faithful promise keepers in His Son!

As Jesus prepares to leave the earth temporarily in his own human body, he is encouraging his disciples with conversation and prophecy (forth-telling and fore-telling), beginning with Peter. John 21:15-25. In this passage, Jesus’ conversation with Peter begins with Jesus encouraging Peter in His Love for Peter which would yet flow through Peter more faithfully in the future (though Peter misinterprets Jesus’ questioning and gets a little discouraged!) Yet, Jesus ends up letting Peter know, in fairly clear terms, that despite Peter’s inability to be faithful to the Trinity in and of himself, Peter WAS going to be faithful to the Trinity, fulfilling his word to die for Jesus (and even die just like Jesus in the power of the Spirit!) Whoa!!!

How does Jesus pull this incredible feat off despite our darkness? I am not completely sure, BUT, I am sure it has everything to do with the literal-right-now-glorified-human-being-of-His-Son, in which all are, already, a New Creation, and completely transformed in His transformation! Ha-Ha!! J Be encouraged despite yourself!!!

~ Timothy Brassell

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