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Jesus Calls The First Disciples!


Part1a: 20min


Part1b: 25min


Full Message:


Main Passages: Matthew 4:17-22   Matthew 9:9-13

“Jesus extended a call to repentance to unlikely and unexpected people. Instead of ignoring the call, the first disciples abandoned their old way of life and received Christ’s invitation to follow Him. Now, as believers in Christ, we have the privilege of answering God’s call to discipleship and then extending the same call to those who need to repent and believe” – the Gospel Project

Theological Theme:

Discipleship is faithfully following  The son of God, Jesus, as Savior and Lord, through The Spirit’s power, and to the Father glory.

“We cannot come thinking we are someone special or a person of privilege. We come with the understanding that we are nothing without Him…We bow before the Master because godliness demands submission.” –Ted Traylor

Christ Connection:

In choosing 12 disciples (representative of 12 tribes), Jesus was forming a reconstituted Israel, not around the Law of Moses but around Himself as Savior and King. Through His death and resurrection, Jesus saves us and calls us to follow Him in obedience.

“Here they proved that they were true sons of Abraham, because by a similar pattern they followed the Savior on hearing God’s voice. For they immediately gave up hope of material advantage that they might seek eternal rewards.” –Chromatius

Missional Application:

God, through His Holy Spirit, calls us to follow Jesus and to join His mission of telling others the good news of salvation with unlikely, unpopular, and unexpected people.

“Today, Jesus is calling people from every walk of life to leave their selfish pursuits and follow Him. It takes wisdom to understand the nature of God’s particular call on your life. It may not require that you walk away from your family business or sell all your belongings. But it will definitely require you to give up the idea that you command your own destiny. It will mean you give up any trace of selfish ambition that affects your life decisions. God’s kingdom must be first. The call to follow Jesus is the call to submit to Him as King and Lord. On this side of the cross, we know that Jesus has purchased us with His blood (Rom. 3:24-25). We belong to Him. He owns us. That’s why we ask God to remove the remaining selfishness in our hearts and replace our desires with His heart for the world and His plan for our lives (Ps. 37:4). As we submit to God, He does amazing things through us. The beauty of God’s call to repentance is that He brings together people from various backgrounds and groups in order to highlight His glorious work of redemption. He calls people you’d least expect. He does things you would never predict. He doesn’t just call “the cream of the crop” to be His spokespeople but unlikely people whose life-change will demonstrate the glory of His work.” – The Gospel Project

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