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John Has A Vision Of Jesus!

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Full Message:

Bible Verse: Revelation 1


In the Book of Revelation, Jesus revealed Himself in a vision to His beloved disciple John. He revealed

Himself in the glory of the most holy triune God, affirming that He is the Son of God the Father. He

revealed His power over time, death, and hell, each of which factor significantly in the Book of Revelation.

This vision also revealed Jesus with His church—with us—giving us hope and confidence as we strive to

remain faithful to the mission He has given us while waiting for His return.

Theological Theme:

The reality of Jesus’ glorious presence gives hope to Christians today.

Christ Connection:

When Jesus revealed Himself to John, He pointed to His identity as the First and the Last, the Living

One. He also pointed to the work He accomplished while on earth—defeating death and hell through

His crucifixion and resurrection. The same Jesus who was once crucified in shame is the Jesus who is

now exalted in glory.

Missional Application:

God-Father-Son-Holy-Spirit calls us to believe John’s testimony about Jesus and to trust that Jesus is present with His people as they fulfill His mission!

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