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God-Father-Son-and-Spirit’s Great Reversals in Esther!


Part 1a: 20min


Part 1b: 20min


Full Message: 


Main Passages:  Esther 6:6-11; 7:3-10; 9:1-2

“In the story of Esther, we see how God’s good purposes for His people led to a radical reversal. The humble were exalted, those who were condemned received salvation, and those who expected to suffer defeat instead triumphed in victory. When we read God’s Word, we are reminded that God is often at work to bring about His purposes even when His people do not realize it. God calls us to look beyond earthly appearances and strength and to honor and trust Him for final victory.” – The Gospel Project

Theological Theme:

In saving His people, God [Father, Son, and Spirit] turns the tables on His enemies.

Christ Connection:

In Genesis 3:15, God promised that the serpent who struck the Seed of the woman would in turn be crushed itself. In the story of Esther, we see how Haman’s plans to strike God’s people backfired and ended with his own demise. Likewise, in the cross and resurrection of Jesus, we see how the evil done to Christ was the way in which evil was overcome and defeated.

Missional Application:

God, through His Holy Spirit, calls us to look beyond earthly appearances and strength and to honor and trust Him for final victory.

“God’s providential hand is usually hidden from us. However, if you take the time to reflect on your life, you will see His fingerprints all over your journey. Usually, God’s hand is most evident when we encounter great reversals, like those seen in the Book of Esther. It’s hard to ignore when God exalts the humble. It’s hard to take credit when one is given salvation but deserves judgment. It is hard to miss the hand of God when an entire people group are facing certain defeat but walk away in victory. The same God who providentially works in your life is the same God who has providentially worked throughout history. The same God who promised that Eve’s Seed would crush the head of the serpent in Genesis 3 is the same God who derailed Haman’s plans to destroy God’s people, because through them would come One greater than Esther, a Savior and Advocate who would deliver God’s people from certain death. All throughout redemptive history, God turns the tables on His enemies and saves His people.” – The Gospel Project

“In a world from which God appears to be absent he is nonetheless present.” – J. Gordon McConville

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