The ONLY Cure For My Half-Hearted Worship!


Part 1a: 25min


Part 1b: 29min


Full Message:


Main Passages: Malachi 1:6-143:7-124:1-6

“Malachi, the final book in the Old Testament, speaks extensively about God’s people and how they should worship Him, or perhaps more specifically, how they shouldn’t worship Him. While the people Malachi wrote to may have been free from pagan idolatry or heretical doctrine, their worship had grown stale and lifeless. The word delivered to Malachi was a wake-up call to a people who were halfhearted in worship, and Malachi’s message resonates with us still today. ” The Gospel Project

Theological Theme:

True worship magnifies God [Father, Son, and Spirit]’s great worth and brings blessing to the worshiper.

Christ Connection:

After Malachi, the prophetic word of God went silent for four hundred years. But Malachi prophesied about a messenger who would prepare the way for the Messiah to bring God’s kingdom. Centuries later, John the Baptist arrived as the messenger who prepared the way for Jesus. The last word of the Old Testament is “curse,” a reminder of the consequence of our sin. But in the New Testament, one of the first words we hear from Jesus is “blessing.” The One who bears our curse is the One who brings us blessing.

Missional Application:

God, through His Holy Spirit, calls us to take worship seriously, to magnify His great worth so that all people everywhere will know His name.

While many reduce worship to an event or the singing of worship songs, worship is first and foremost something of the heart and extends to all areas of life. The aim and focus of worship is God, giving Him the exact due of praise and adoration that He deserves. Worship should be carried out not only at a personal level within a Christian’s life but also in joining with other Christians in the corporate act of worship and stewarding our gifts for the glory of God. Corporate worship serves to edify and strengthen other Christians, but it also serves as a witness to non-believers of the greatness of God.


“Worship is giving to God the best He has given us, and He makes it His and ours for ever.” Oswald Chambers

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