Ezra Read “The Law”. We Read “Jesus”! pt.3


Part 1a: 22min


Part 1b: 25min


Full Message:


Main Passage: Nehemiah 8:1-12

“God’s people are to be shaped by God’s Word. As Ezra proclaimed God’s word, the people honored the voice of God and responded with repentance and were renewed. Likewise, biblical fellowship must be centered on God’s Word [Jesus]. As we gather together to listen to God speak to us through the Scriptures, we are challenged to repent, strengthened in our fellowship, and empowered for our mission.” – The Gospel Project

Theological Theme:

Biblical community must be centered on God-Father, Son and Spirit’s small word (the Bible), in the Light of God’s Big Word (Jesus!).

Christ Connection:

Like the returning exiles, when we read God’s Word, we are reminded of our heritage, God’s faithfulness, and His saving work. Most of all, in reading God’s Word, we are encountered by God and reminded by Him of His master plan to bring salvation to the world through Jesus Christ and his life, suffering, cross, death, resurrection and ascension.

Missional Application:

Through His Holy Spirit, the Father is always pointing us to Jesus Christ, and Christ is always pointing us to others, including the Father, through the Spirit.

“For the most part, Christ the living word meets us in His written word. For the most part, we are being called upon to participate more with Christ and with The Father in these ways. We need to keep asking “who are you Jesus and who is The God revealed in you Jesus?” and we keep asking that question together until it bears fruit –  and it is guaranteed to bear fruit because that is the normal way God works to help us grow up as Christians, and to grow into Christ. That’s the use of theology…..We are not called to do this for ourselves but this is what we are called to bring new people into. They are being brought into a relationship primarily that has all these elements in it. God’s written word, from the Living Word, is always pointing us to other people. God- Father, Son, and Spirit brought us out of nothing so that he can include us in a relationship, make room for us. Being on mission out in our community ….us always inviting people to come is just our way of participating in the way that God works…pointing people to Him through relationships.” – Pastor Timothy Brassell

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