Ezra Read “The Law”. We Read “Jesus!”, pt.1


Part 1a: 24min


Part 1b: 20min


Full Message: 44min


Main Passage: Nehemiah 8:1-12

“God’s people are to be shaped by God’s Word. As Ezra proclaimed God’s word, the people honored the voice of God and responded with repentance and were renewed. Likewise, biblical fellowship must be centered on God’s Word. As we gather together to listen to God speak to us through the Scriptures, we are challenged to repent, strengthened in our fellowship, and empowered for our mission.” – The Gospel Project

Theological Theme:

Biblical community must be centered on God-Father, Son and Spirit’s Word.

Christ Connection:

Like the returning exiles, when we read God’s Word, we are reminded of our heritage, God’s faithfulness, and His saving work. Most of all, in reading God’s Word, we are encountered by God and reminded by Him of His master plan to bring salvation to the world through Jesus Christ and his cross.

Missional Application:

Through His Holy Spirit, the Father is always pointing us to Christ, and Christ is always pointing us to others.

“When we discipline ourselves to gather together to hear God’s Word, we can expect the Word to impact the way we think and view the world around us. We will develop a deeper burden to know God more intimately. We will grow in our desire to share the gospel with those who don’t know God and are not pursuing Him. Let’s be the kind of people who are passionate for Christ, whose churches are centered on Scripture-reading and preaching, and who delight in the revival God may send our way. He did so in Nehemiah 8. Who’s to say He won’t do it again?” – The Gospel Project

“Understanding the words of God was [is!] the gateway to understanding God himself, leading to delight.”  –Augustine Pagolu

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