Participation In The Coming Of Jesus Christ…!, part 4

ADVENT – God, The Suffering Servant, In His Coming

Advent - The Coming of Jesus

In this encounter with Jesus about His Presence and Coming, He addressed us in the Spirit at New Life Fellowship with Good News responses to:

  • The ULTIMATE reason for YOUR much suffering
  • Why you have nothing to fear from Father, REALLY
  • How you can know EXACTLY when Earth’s worst days are upon it, and
  • Why we should NOT believe in sin and other “things”

It was an interesting day in the Good News! Wow!

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  1. ronalar on

    Great messages Tim. Appreciate you more than I have words to express.



    • tjbrassell on

      Thank you Ron! Happy to be sharing in His Good News WITH you! đŸ™‚

      Peace, Love and Blessings,


  2. jkharri4 on

    This is pretty dang AWESOME!!!! FILLED WITH “WOWNESS”!!! GOOD to know that father is present in ALL my darkness. LOVE this series…this one REALLY HIT ME IN THE CORE, answering ALL my questions, especially my questions on suffering…reminding me just how loving my father is….YEAHHHH!!! THANK YOU!!!! CAN’T WAIT TO HEAR PT. 5

    • tjbrassell on

      Thank you Karen! He IS our source of Inspiration and Hope is He not?! Jesus, the True WOW factor! I want to hear more of what He has to say to us and be encountered by Him in His Presence in part 5 also! Hahaha đŸ˜‰

      Peace and Love,


  3. John on

    Hi Tim
    Love the Good News that Jesus is touching you with, as He is for each of us uniquely and personally so that in communion with others we can speak in joy and peace in believing knowing that we will abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. Your brother in repentance (changing my mind) moment by moment, for today is the day of grace and most sufficient. John

    • tjbrassell on

      Hello John, and thank you for your much encouragement! I too am beginning to experience an abounding Hope such as I have never known before in THIS day of Grace, and oh so sufficent! haha!

      Peace and Love and Every Blessing,


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