I Just Can’t Stop Loving You… (A Universal love song)

MJ photoMichael Jackson became known as the King of Pop in the 1980’s.  He produced some great music and one of those hits stands out to me as more than just great music. It’s a Universal love song from God to each of his sons and daughters.  If you are keeping count, this is my second Trinitarian love song to add to our list.  I encourage you to download it to your favorite device and imagine God singing these words to you and all of humanity.  There is a reason that so many have wanted this to be played at their wedding.

Sit back, listen to the song, read the lyrics, and contemplate my commentary.  MJ is amazing, and I just can’t stop thinking these words were inspired by the HS.  I don’t know if Michael personally knew he was included.  But if not, he is certainly included (without a clue).  To coin a phrase from a dear friend, every time I listen to this, it gives me “crazy tingles.”

Each time the wind blows
I hear your voice so
I call your name
Whispers at morning
Our love is dawning
Heaven’s glad you came

As each non-believer realizes who they are in Jesus and turn to him, the heavens are delighted as that person moves from Union to Communion in Trinitarian relationship.

You know how I feel
This thing can’t go wrong
I’m so proud to say I love you
Your love’s got me high
I long to get by
This time is forever
Love is the answer

God’s love for us is forever, and it can’t go wrong.  We simply can’t imagine how proud he is of each and every son and daughter.  The closest comparison is that of the love of loving parents toward their child.  Yet the love of the loving parent is only a glimpse of how much our heavenly Father loves you and all of humanity (past, present, and future).

I hear your voice now
You are my choice now
The love you bring
Heaven’s in my heart
At your call
I hear harps,
And angels sing

Scripture says that there is singing in Heaven when one non-believer believes and turns to God believing in His everlasting love for them.  We are His choice now and forever.

You know how I feel
This thing can’t go wrong
I can’t live my life
Without you

God is relational (being one with Jesus and the spirit), and because of that he made the irrevocable choice from the beginning of time that he wanted to live his life with all of humanity.  He will move heaven and earth to accomplish that end, both universally through the union of man and Son (accomplished with the incarnation) and calling each of us to personal belief and choice.

I just can’t hold on
I feel we belong
My life ain’t worth living
If I can’t be with you

I just can’t stop loving you
I just can’t stop loving you
And if I stop
Then tell me just what
Will I do
’cause I just can’t stop loving you

Our Father simply can’t stop loving us.  Because of the choice he made, a choice from the beginning of the foundation of the world, he just can’t stop (because Love is what Love does) loving humanity (that means you).

At night when the
Stars shine
I pray in you I’ll find
A love so true

Because God is relational, he will never violate our humanity which allows us to personally love him back.  But it is our personal choice.  And he will wait for eternity, if he has to, for us to make that choice.

When morning awakes me
Will you come and take me
I’ll wait for you

And he will wait for us as long as he needs, just as the Father in the parable never stopped waiting for his son to return from a life that led to zero.  The Father (Luke 15) stood waiting and watching, and ran to his son upon his return.

You know how I feel
I won’t stop until
I hear your voice saying “I do”
“I do”
This thing can’t go wrong
This feeling’s so strong
Well, my life ain’t
Worth living
If I can’t be with you

He will always wait until we personally say, “I do.”

We can change all the world tomorrow
We can sing songs of yesterday
I can say, hey
Farewell to sorrow
This is my life and I
Want to see you for always

Someday, in the world tomorrow, we will all say farewell to sorrow, and that begins by our saying, “I do” to our heavenly Father and accept his inclusion of all humanity.  Imagine a day, as it could be, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit on stage singing this song to us.  But that day humanity isn’t in the audience, they are on stage included in the embracing arms of God “for always” (group hug). Arms raised, lighters glowing, angels all around, singing this Trinitarian love song FOREVER!

~ by Craig Kuhlman

4 comments so far

  1. Steven Sell on

    You made this big boy cry! I love this song. Thanks for the reminding me how much God loves me and how much he always has loved me.

  2. kuhlmancraig on

    Hey my friend, it’s good to hear from you!

    There is something about our wiring that predisposes us to God’s love at an emotional level. I think that’s what you are saying, Steve.

    Sorry I couldn’t make it to Zach’s party. I miss him and your fam.

    Continue to stay at it brother,

  3. Jeannine on

    Crazy tingles is right! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Great post, my friend – I’m amazed at how many love songs say what I feel about my children and it’s so true that they reflect what I believe Triune God feels about me and about all people.

    Could Bob Dylan’s “Make You Fell My Love” be another one for your list? (Adele’s version is my personal favourite.) And I’ll never forget Nan’s post on Pink’s “Perfect.”

    • kuhlmancraig on

      Hey sister,

      Wow a “trinity” of smile faces…I’ve never seen that before.

      I viewed Adele’s song…4 MM hits, apparently others like it too! Very nice!

      The two that have grabbed me also alluded to Scripture in some way. Perhaps that’s why they connected. I recall Nan’s blog giving me tingles, more than the song, although it is great also. I still think that is one of her best and earlier on in her blogging.

      Stay well, my gal,

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