God Is Love And Love Is Hell…Sometimes!, Part 5B

12.10.04 God Is Love And Love Is Hell Sometimes, Part 5B (Mark 9.38-50) – TAH

In this last part of the last message of the series “The Reality of Spiritual Warfare!” Pastor Tim emphasizes a quote from his friend, Jonathan Stepp, who writes “we are all the Father’s beloved children in Christ. Therefore, whatever Jesus says about millstones and plucking out eyes has to be interpreted in the light of a loving Father. So, sometimes you hear a mom say “stop that, or I’ll snatch you bald-headed!” or some variant of that. The child knows three things: one, that his mom is very serious, two, that she is using hyperbole to get his attention, and, three, that he is his mother’s beloved child – if he were not her beloved child she wouldn’t care enough to call him on his BS….Jesus is using hyperbole to make the point: this is serious stuff because we are all included.”

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  1. Ada Wilson on

    To Whom It May Concern:

    Is Pastor Timothy Brassell’s post below an audio message? If so, with your new format, I cannot download it to hear it. Please tell me what I need to do to continue to hear Pastor Brassell’s messages that are posted on Trinity and Humanity. Thank you, Ada Wilson


    • tjbrassell on

      Hello Ada! Always good to hear from you and I hope you are very well. I have been on vacation (and am still on it!) but wanted to get back with you. I just tested the link and it works on my computer. Are you still having problems? Let me know and I will see what I can do! Peace, Love and Blessings, Timothy

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