God Is Love And Love Is Hell…Sometimes!, Part 5A

12.10.04 God Is Love And Love Is Hell Sometimes, Part 5A (Mark 9.38-50) – TAH

In this 1st part of the last message of the series “The Reality of Spiritual Warfare!” learn how the REAL Subject of scripture is the God Revealed in Jesus Christ, and how this Relational God gives us better light on all the topics of scripture, including Hell. This particular scripture was chosen because it is so filled with “hell talk” from Jesus and is typical about how we miss the main point! The real SHOCKER about this passage on hell is that hell is actually presented as a threat from Jesus to His own followers! NOTICE: “Jesus is speaking to believers in warning and not sinners in condemnation!”. Oops…we have some rethinking to do! 🙂

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