Sermon: The Good News of Black His-Story Month

The Good News of Black His-Story Month by Tim Brassell

This message is a celebration of Black History Month in the Light of God’s Good News Revealed in Jesus. Specifically, it helps us appreciate union and distinction in the relationship of God the Father, Son and Spirit and how His Story is the story of every human being FOREVER in Jesus Christ – the Son of God as Man!

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  1. Gillian Valentine on

    Thank you, Pastor Tim! I’m a bit late for black history month listening to this sermon, but it’s so good to hear your voice again and be encouraged by you! That Jesus became a slave to his Father for our sakes is awesome! That we are no longer slaves to sin but have been delivered, freed, and, in response to his gift, we willingly become his slaves…and say, “thank you, thank you – my Lord and my God”…wow! It gives me goose bumps!!

  2. tjbrassell on

    Wow, you’re welcome, and what a thrill to rejoice with you in this Good News mom Jill! I’ve got goose bumps along with you…Haha! Thanks for sharing your heart and encouragement as that is the River of Living Water Jesus promised would flow out of our bellies as we received Him as our Good News! I am happy to participate in Jesus toward your encouragement any day! Love, like and miss you and Dad Lou!

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