Sermon: Following Jesus

Following Jesus by Jonathan Stepp

What does it mean to take up our crosses and follow Jesus in the light of our adoption as the Father’s children, in Christ, through the Holy Spirit?

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  1. Jerome Ellard on

    I enjoyed your sermon, Pastor Jonathan! I loved how you explained how to understand the verse you shared at the end. Knowing that we are the Father’s beloved children, and brothers and sisters of Jesus, makes all the difference in reading scripture. Relationship is at the heart of it all. I’m giving the sermon in Big Sandy this Sunday, and the title will initially be presented as “How to Build a Relationship with God.” I’ll say that that is NOT the right way to think in light of the Father who loves us in Jesus by the power of the Spirit, and I’ll rephrase it as “How the Father HAS a relationship with us all in Jesus, by the Spirit, and how we can participate in that relationship!”

  2. Pastor Jonathan on

    Thanks, Jerome, I appreciate your encouraging words. I like the sound of your sermon! Maybe you can give us on update about how it is received after you give it.

  3. Marty Davey on

    Good message, Jonathan.

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